Cognitive science and communications

Turtl’s roots lie in psychology, and we continue to explore how marketing and comms professionals can better cater to the way our brains are wired. Learn how psychology can help you make a deeper impact on your audience below.



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Webinars and talks

Webinar: Inside the mind of your customer

Webinar: Inside the mind of your customer

Join experts Nick Mason, CEO & Founder at Turtl, and Dr. Jillian Ney, Founder of The Social Intelligence Lab, for this fascinating exploration on the intersection between psychology and marketing.

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Webinar: Marketing psychology in practice

The drum host Turtl CEO Nick Mason and Jergan Callebaut, Head of Psychology at DataSine, in a discussion about how applying principles of psychology can drive digital engagement

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Webinar: Emotion in B2B decision-making

Turtl's CEO Nick Mason, behavioural science specialist Richard Chataway & creative director Imogen Hammond discuss the emotional side of B2B

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Talk: The science of reading

Hear Nick Mason, CEO & Founder, Turtl speak about how to improve how your comms caters to the reading mind at the ExecLN Conference

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Interview: Meet the Boss

Nick talks to Meet the Boss about some of the principles of psychology that can improve how people engage with your content

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Latest from the blog

3 ways to use psychology to boost your email marketing

7th November 2019

3 ways to use psychology to …

Estimated reading time
3 minutes

Quick question, which of these emails (a or b) looks like it contains the most exciting content? a) b) You probably made your mind up…

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5 lesser-known behavioral biases every marketer should know

6th November 2019

5 lesser-known behavioral biases every marketer …

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5 minutes

When it comes to marketing, the better you understand the psychology of your audience, the more equipped you are to reach them. As complex as…

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Self-determination theory: how to make your readers’ brains happy

31st October 2019

Self-determination theory: how to make your …

Estimated reading time
4 minutes

You probably already know how much we like psychology at Turtl. We could go on about it for hours over a coffee or two. But…

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