Publish with confidence, distribute with ease

Turtl’s publishing workflow helps you get your content
seen by the right people in the right way

Publication as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • STEP 1: SEO

    STEP 1: SEO

    Add a title, URL slug, and description to help with internal and external search engine optimization.



    Decide who can find and read your Doc, whether it’s for search engines, internal teams, public audiences, or specific people.

  • STEP 3: SEND

    STEP 3: SEND

    Reach your audience through email distribution, social promotion, or website embeds, and personalize with a click.

Easy and effective multichannel distribution

Fix overlooked errors easily, even once live

As an online-hosted format, Turtl Docs have real-time editing capabilities. This means you can quickly amend, edit, or update your digital documents, without the need to reissue or republish your materials. Any changes will be waiting for your readers the next time they open your Turtl Doc, just like on a webpage.

Draw more attention and see engagement increase

Draw more attention and see engagement increase

When you publish a document, Turtl auto-generates social cards, GIFs, and interactive embed codes to help you draw readers to your content across digital channels.

Customize URLs to track known readers

Customize URLs to track known readers

See exactly how your colleagues, customers, or prospects engage with your content by emailing custom URLs. You’ll be able to see what they read or interact with, and how long for, and can use these insights to inform your follow-up activity and content strategy.

Offer translated digital documents to enhance reach

Turtl Docs can be distributed with various translated versions to reach international audiences. Languages options include Arabic, Chinese (simplified & traditional), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and many others.

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Turtl offers the only long-form digital format rooted in principles of psychology, designed to keep reader attention

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