Why partner with Turtl?

Turtl works with technology providers and agencies specializing in lead gen, demand gen, ABM, MarTech, content marketing and field sales services, advisory services, and consultancy.

Turtl partners are outcome-oriented and performance-focused. By working closely with every partner, we identify clearly the economic impact we’ll have on any projects we partner on. This provides a solid foundation for developing client relationships together.

Turtl partners have a sound understanding of how and why we are different – enabling us to successfully select the right projects to work on together.

Turtl's unique content platform allows us to deliver highly effective and scalable ABM and targeted Partner Marketing Programs that drive measurable results. We do this on a regular basis with a broad range of clients in different sectors. Content is key and Turtl with their personalization capability and obsession with performance is a fantastic platform and partner.

Mike Boogaard

Chief Revenue Officer, Momentum ITSMA

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The Turtl platform

Create, integrate, personalize, analyze, optimize. Turtl’s content creation software empowers anyone to create high-performance digital documents – no coding or design skills needed.

Meet the Turtl Doc

Turtl is the only digital document format rooted in psychology and proven to significantly increase reader engagement. Turn attention into pipeline with Turtl’s interactive content.

Who is Turtl for?

Turtl is for anybody who produces long-form content and is serious about growth. We make it easy to make content more engaging, relevant and measurable.

What is Turtl for?

Grow engagement, prove content ROI, and generate more pipeline with interactive digital documents. Accelerate revenue growth with content built in Turtl.

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We feel that it’s our responsibility to combat the carbon emissions produced by the data generated by ourselves and our customers.

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