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Bring your content to life with Turtl’s drag-and-drop editor to quickly and easily create interactive documents. Turtl Docs are hardcoded to your brand guidelines and are proven to engage your readers for longer. Plus, with real-time editing, typos are a distant memory.

Personalize at scale

Turtl’s patented technology helps you generate up to 25,000 personalized versions of a Turtl Doc in minutes. Empower your team to create customized content to supersize your ABM activities, marketing campaigns, and sales outreach.

Analyze in detail

Monitor how well your Docs are doing and close previously invisible performance gaps. Not quite hitting the mark? Powered by 35 billion+ data points, Turtl provides recommendations to optimize your content.

Surface intent data

Reader data helps you know your audience and understand how they interact with your Docs. Dig into the engagement analytics to identify high-intent leads, guide follow-up strategy, and drive better results.

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  • Collect and centralize insights for sales and marketing programs
  • Streamline workflows to establish predictable processes
  • Identify high-intent opportunities who are ready for the next steps
  • Add in snazzy multimedia elements to bring your content to life

We don't mean to brag but...

The backend for data and the analytics have been huge for us. To be able to track different users, downloads, reads, and views gives us insight into our audience and our potential clients which has been hugely beneficial to our sales team.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

Turtl became more than just a content tool, it became a collaboration tool as well. It saved us money and time, and also increased overall employee satisfaction.

Faith Wheller

Director EMEAR, Cisco

The support that we’ve got from Turtl has been tremendous. I would say I’ve worked with a lot of vendors and been treated as clients, but rarely do we ever get treated as partners.

Travis Jaggers

Digital Marketing Lead, Veeva Systems

We’ve seen such great results and feedback from our clients that we know that any time that we put into Turtl, comes back 10x in terms of engagement and prospect sales.

Lee Francis

Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships Director, PatientSource

Turtl wins hands down. And it’s not just PDF. It’s PPT too. These are old tech and Turtl is a much better way of doing things. It’s more engaging both to read and create. It saves costs and the analytics are invaluable.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

Turtl is a joy to use. For someone who has no design or marketing experience, I have been amazed at how easy it is to develop professional-looking resources very quickly. It is intuitive so that often you don’t need to use the tutorials but when you do they are engaging and informative. Love it.

Karen Shaw

Physical Activity Senior Officer, Mind

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The PDF was created over 30 years ago. If you think of all the technological advances that have happened since then – you have to wonder, why are we still using this legacy format?

Sure, it’s a safe bet. But it’s also static, designed for print, and (in this data-crazed world) offers no insight into your content’s performance or audience’s behavior.

It’s time to say goodbye to the PDF and choose a format that captures attention, boosts reads and lifts ROI. Say hello to Turtl.

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Turtl Format

10x reader engagement with science

The Turtl format uses psychological principles that align with how we read and retain information. Personalization options, elegant visual layouts, and interactive features mean audiences enjoy an optimal content experience with Turtl Docs.


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