How Turtl grows your business

Turn a prospect into a customer, an amateur into an expert, or a critic into an advocate. Turtl helps you attract, hold, and convert your audience.

Digital brochures

Grab more extra attention, gather in-depth audience analytics and bring in more customers. Perfect for marketing, sales, or corporate comms brochures.

Online magazines

Create stunning editorial layouts and drive engagement with video, audio, and reader surveys and polls. See which topics your readers care most about to improve future issues.

Interactive newsletters

Stand out from inbox clutter with interactive newsletters that hold attention. Identify popular topics and increase subscribers, opens, and click-through rates.

Interactive eBooks

Enrich ebooks with interactive elements to facilitate memory and learning. Introduce video explainers, embed interactive charts and takeaways, and poll readers for feedback or discussion.


Bring consumer products to life with interactive, rich media. Call features out and add CTAs that instantly alert Sales. Send custom content to thousands of accounts – in seconds. Use Turtl Analytics to nudge buyers from ‘close’ to ‘closed.’

Thought leadership

Bring ground-breaking ideas to life with interactive charts and video – and invite your readers to join the discussion. See which datasets, storylines and concepts gain momentum to outsmart your peers, direct your strategy and grow your audience.


Upgrade from analog PDFs to whitepapers that establish expertise, and consistently capture better leads. And more of them.

Case studies

Use Turtl’s unique format to maximize the impact of your case studies. Embed video testimonials for a trustworthy, human experience. As you draw your audience closer, use engagement metrics to see which leads are edging towards a purchase decision.

Sales playbooks

Make the latest goals, messaging, guidelines, launches, pricing, and templates accessible from a single URL and share. Update live, and keep teams primed for action.

Sales proposals

Send outstanding, interactive and personalized sales proposals that crush your competition. Critical intent data informs next steps, aids sales prioritization, and helps close more business.


Embed instruction videos and audio explainers in a format proven to improve memory recall. Embed maps, plans and 3D tours and use knowledge surveys at any point in your Doc.

Product guides

Walk your audience around your product with interactive images, audio and video tours. Use surveys and polls for feedback, add CTAs routed to Support, Sales and Customer Success.

User manuals

Explain how-to on film, with text and image, or with audio. Turtl sections up complex long-form content into manageable chapters, making it easy to follow – and quick to update.


Present any long-form content in a visual, interactive and super engaging format. Improve brand recall and instinctively communicate your message. Clients regularly use Turtl for annual reports, research findings, and ESG reporting.

Research reports

Engage your audience with interactive media, reinforce comprehension, and improve information recall. Use flexible gating options to generate leads and enhance CRM integration for better lead management, scoring, and nurturing.

Company & employee handbooks

People teams can share information instantly, survey colleagues regularly and update policies, news, and success stories – live.

Digital onboarding materials

Virtual onboarding just got more human. Build relationships from every content touchpoint, remove friction and pinpoint where extra support is needed. Research shows that people connect more with Turtl vs webpages.

Recruitment packs

Digitally upgrade recruitment materials to attract and inspire top talent. Monitor candidate engagement with Turtl Analytics to see who’s invested – and who needs support.


Present stimulating sales presentations and share as a follow-up. See who re-engages with your pitch, and exactly which parts, for strategic conversations.

Event programs and materials

Personalize promotions to maximize turnout. Guests can RSVP in Turtl – you can follow up with feedback polls.

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