Why create interactive guides in Turtl?

Monitor prospect intent directly in Turtl.

Turtl Analytics reveals warm leads, churn risk and upsell opportunities. Centralize data, automate content journeys, segment audiences, facilitate reporting, and manage sales pipelines with Turtl’s powerful integrations.

With an intuitive editor and interactive features including polls, videos, audio, charts, and 3D tours – why use anything else?

What types of guides can you make?

Product guides

Product guides provide information, instructions, and guidance on a specific product. Product guides typically encompass details about the product’s features, functionalities, setup, usage, and any other relevant information. As a comprehensive resource for users, it’s important that these guides contain the necessary information users need to maximize their experience of a product.

Turtl Tip: Use interactive 3D tours to showcase your product and “wow” your audience!

Educational guides

An educational guide is a resource or instructional material designed to assist learners in understanding and mastering a particular subject or topic. It provides information, explanations, examples, and instructions to facilitate learning and help individuals acquire knowledge or skills.

Turtl Tip: Include polls in your educational guides to uncover your reader’s level of understanding on a particular topic.

User guides

A user guide is a type of instructional document or manual that provides information and instructions on how to use a particular product, software, system, or service. It is designed to assist users in understanding the features, functionalities, and operation of the product or service.

Turtl Tip: Add videos to your user guides to help readers understand complex information or instructions.

Training guides

A training guide is a resource or instructional material designed to facilitate the learning and development of individuals in a specific subject or skill. It provides guidance, instructions, and information to help learners acquire knowledge, improve their abilities, or develop new skills.

Turtl Tip: Turtl’s Surf and Immerse format allows readers to easily navigate your training guide and find the section that is most relevant to them, without having to scroll through an entire wall of content.

Quick to create

Drag-and-drop editor and templates accelerate production

Increase engagement

Turtl’s proven psychology-led format outperforms webpages and PDFs

Always on-brand

Maintain brand integrity for every guide edition across your content library

Interactive features

Improve reader recall with rich visuals and dynamic features

Personalize at scale

Serve personalized guides to increase engagement by 84%

Actionable insights

Track engagement and act on reader intent promptly

Powerful integrations

Capture, track, and centralize every opportunity

Real-time editing

Say goodbye to erroneous or out-of-date guides – instantly

Why use Turtl?

0 %

increase in marketing-qualified leads vs PDF

The digital transformation of Redstor's marketing and sales collateral resulted in an influx of MQLs

0 %

reduction in production costs vs PDF

Cisco achieved 7x more engagement with content at a fraction of the time and cost

0 x

more engagement with key CTA

Lexus created digital brochures that slashed production time by 67% and increased one KPI by 80x

Trusted by businesses of all sizes

6 benefits of leveling up with digital guides


Increase reader engagement by up to 10x

Turtl’s digital-first format is the only brain-friendly content platform that is scientifically proven to maximize reader engagement. Turtl Docs are proven to improve information recall, so you can make a lasting impression.


Save up to 90% on production resources

Turtl’s editor is agile and easy to use. With branded styling and templates, users can quickly and easily create a variety of guides and manuals, regardless of design skills and capabilities.


Guides that steer engagement

Interactive elements, such as deep dive videos, charts and graphs, or even a 3D product tour, help your audience learn in a style that suits them. Plus, interactivity encourages a two-way interaction between reader and content creator.


Edit documents in real-time

Updated product feature? New training module? Fresh imagery? No need to laboriously redo, re-print, or redistribute. Update guides and manuals instantly.


Tailor your guide to your audience

Looking to create instruction manuals for specific product models, educational guides for different regions or training guides for different departments? Turtl guides can be quickly and easily personalized at scale.


Close more business with actionable insights

Monitor engagement, tailor outreach, inform lead scoring, refine messaging, and improve sales prioritization. Use key intent signals to deliver relevant materials to sales-ready prospects, book more meetings, and close more business.

Hear from our customers

A large goal of the work we produce, like guides, is to turn prospects into customers. We have actually had a lot of success with content libraries of infographics and webinar recordings within Turtl Docs. So we certainly lean on Turtl for our content to have a longer shelf life.

Turtl wins hands down. And it’s not just PDF. It’s PPT too. These are old tech and Turtl is a much better way of doing things. It’s more engaging both to read and create. It saves costs and the analytics are invaluable.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

Turtl allows our Content team to have access to detailed content consumption data. We can measure how our content is performing, the topics of interest to our audiences and how we’re influencing sales. This is crucial for us as we’re now able to build our content plans based on strategic data and insights, in addition to other KPIs from the Marketing and Campaign teams. A real game changer for us in a complex environment!

Laetitia Catta

Head of International Content Retail & HCM, Cegid

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Are interactive guides effective?

Oh, yes! Interactive guides can be highly effective in engaging users and enhancing their learning or user experience.

Dynamic features, such as polls, videos, and interactive charts, encourage active participation from readers. This deepens engagement and supports information retention.

It’s so easy to create personalized content with Turtl’s Personalization Engine. Your audience can enjoy content that has been tailored to their needs, interests, and previous engagement behavior. Not only does this win 84% more attention, but personalizing your guides promotes brand advocacy.

Do I need to be a designer, or coder, to create digital guides in Turtl?

No. Turtl is a performance-led content tool. Our intuitive editor has been designed to empower everybody to create amazing interactive guides; no design or coding skills needed.

Do I need any training to use Turtl?

It’s easy to build content in Turtl. As Turtl is packed with functionality, we’re here to help you get the most from our tool – however you’d like to learn. 

  • In-app training: Once you’re in the platform, simply click on the ‘Take tour’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Your next video tutorial will pop up ready to be played. Start building my first free Doc.
  • Video tutorials and articles: Search for video tutorials, articles and how-tos in our Support Centre. We cover all functionality in Turtl, from building your first Doc to adding deep personalization. 
  • Live drop-in sessions: The team from our Content Studio are total Turtl pros. Sign up to attend one of our live webinars where we share knowledge and answer any questions you may have. Sessions are themed and recorded for on-demand viewing. 
  • Ongoing support: Turtl users can ask our Support team anything and they’ll get back to you. Our Customer Success team holds regular live sessions to get teams hitting goals in Turtl.
Why use Turtl instead of PDF for my digital guides?

The PDF is over 20 years old. PDFs offer no reader interaction, are not optimized for different devices, and encourage endless scrolling –  resulting in less engagement.

Content in the PDF format goes against the core principles of how we absorb and remember information. 

Turtl is designed on the science of reading. Readers get a richer experience while publishers, editors and writers know for sure what’s working.

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