Whitepapers that capture attention

Dense whitepaper content is made significantly more readable in Turtl – we’ve proved it.

Turtl’s psychology-led format and interactive features build rapport and get thought leaders noticed.

Upgrade from old, static PDFs and produce whitepapers designed to amplify expertise, encourage brand recall, and capture high-intent leads. Use engagement data to nurture and score leads, and instantly see which content sparks minds.

Easy to create

Create impactful, on-brand whitepapers online, regardless of design expertise

Increase engagement

Produce long-from content that’s proven to keep readers’ attention

Speed to market

Reduce production costs and timescales by up to 90%

User-friendly navigation

Readers can easily revisit topics that pique interest

Generate more leads

Capture and identify high-intent opportunities for effective follow-up campaigns

Always on-brand

Consistent branding builds recognition and trust – key for successful thought leadership

Actionable insights

Turtl Analytics reveal reader behaviors, down to the individual

Multi-channel distribution

Easy to publish, distribute and share across devices and channels

Trusted by businesses of all sizes

6 ways Turtl transforms digital whitepapers


10x reader engagement

Turtl Docs are scientifically proven to maximize reader engagement. Use Turtl data wisely, and you’ll fill your pipeline with warmer leads.


Save up to 90% on content production

Turtl’s editor is agile and easy-to-use. With branded styling and templates, users can quickly and easily create interactive whitepapers online, regardless of design skills.


Add compelling visuals and interactivity

Next, search for imagery inside Turtl or upload your own. Then choose from an array of interactive features, such as polls, charts, and videos, to build a persuasive content experience that encourages leads further along the funnel.


Personalize your whitepapers for a user-first approach

Personalize whitepapers at scale, quickly and easily. Prioritize readers’ content preferences to deepen engagement, and promote a better brand experience.


Monitor engagement for unquestionable insights

Do more of what works. Identify key intent signals, and convert more leads to qualified sales prospects. Performance data reveals which topics, features, or elements of your whitepapers drive the most engagement – and who with.


Generate and nurture leads

Whitepapers make great lead magnets. Turtl has flexible gating options, triggers for lead scoring models, reader-level insights and integrates with the MarTech you’re using. We’ve primed Turtl to create content that performs – up and down your pipeline.

Why choose Turtl?

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more engagement with personalized content

Deep dive into the data behind personalization with more than one billion data points

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increase in global lead generation

Frost & Sullivan used Turtl to prove content's influence on the bottom line to internal stakeholders

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more meetings booked

Telenet + LeadFabric put customers into focus with detailed analytics, resulting in more meetings

Hear from our customers

The insights that Turtl generates is key to helping us create engaging, relevant, interesting content which can be shared with readers over a prolonged period of time.

Engagement-wise, readability-wise; it’s boosted us to the next level for all of the collateral that we’re able to create within Turtl.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

We used to qualify a content-generated lead, send them to our sales team, and the lead would often have no recollection of the content they originally downloaded. When it's Turtl content they've read, they clearly remember it because it's so different from other formats out there, which helps our sales team in their conversations.

Headshot of Navin Kumar VP Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights

Navin Kumar

Vice President, Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights, Frost & Sullivan

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Can I track whitepaper analytics?

Turtl Analytics surfaces detailed insights about your content’s performance. You can track the effectiveness of your digital whitepapers and gain valuable reader data and engagement metrics – at a document and reader level.  

Identify successful content sections or where interaction peaks. Base your content strategy on these findings to deliver better results.

Can I use Turtl to make lead magnets?

Absolutely! We show you how to create lead magnets in Turtl and generate high-intent leads. And more of them.

Why use Turtl instead of PDF for my digital whitepaper?

Want a better metric than ‘number of downloads’? We thought so. PDFs are designed for analog, Turtl is built for digital.

Is Turtl mobile-friendly?

Yes. Turtl Docs are fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop.

Preview desktop and mobile views before you hit publish. Choose different layouts or hide/show content for devices in the Turtl editor.

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