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What is a Turtl Doc?
A Turtl Doc is an online document that is primarily used to reimagine static, long-form content. The Turtl Doc format is based on the psychology of how we humans like to read and uses interactivity and rich visuals to amplify comprehension, improve information recall, and encourage reader action.


Optimized for digital

Upgrade analog PDFs to Turtl, break free from the limitations of microsites and traditional content formats.

Turtl Docs work in any browser, are fully responsive on every device, and build dynamic interactivity into content. Say goodbye to pinching, scrolling, and drop-offs and revolutionize content consumption.


Mind-friendly content

Our brains need visuals to hook and hold attention.

Turtl Docs build a structured reader narrative with mind-friendly chapters displayed as Surf and Immerse pages. Content creators choose relevant images, film or animations to introduce subjects, grab the attention of skim readers, and introduce concepts in the reader’s mind. Turtl improves information, product, and brand recollection.

Versus static copy, mind-friendly content is:


as memorable


more persuasive


more easily understood


Instinctive digital navigation

Our no-scroll format and stable navigation put the reader in control.

Our Surf and Immerse navigation is naturally brain-friendly, allowing your audience to explore your content however they choose. Long-form content is more easily consumed using Turtl’s interactive content platform.


Two-way experiences

Open conversations or get feedback with polls, quizzes, and surveys.

Accompany copy with rich images, videos, audio, interactive charts, and animations. Turtl Docs heighten response, prolong engagement, and return the data behind reader motivation.


Data-backed designs

Turtl Docs are designed to instinctively invite more engagement. You get deeper reader intel and guidance.

Turtl is the only interactive content creation platform to use big data collected from engagement metrics. We benchmark and compare Turtl Docs across your teams, organization, and industry.

Want to raise your performance? Turtl AI gives personalized suggestions for improvement as you build in Turtl.


Hyper relevance for more sales

Turtl Docs make modular content creation simple – and ideal for personalization.

Remove or show chapters, pages, copy, data, or images based on what readers want to see. We know that personalization is better for business. 52% of content marketers surveyed said personalized content increased sales.

Read our report to find out how ‘successful’ content marketers are getting right.

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