A psychology-led, interactive alternative to the PDF

The design of the Turtl format applies patterns and principles of how we read and retain information to give audiences the best possible experience of your content

A focus on visuals

Turtl Docs are structured into two types of pages, the first of which is our highly visual Surf page. These are inspired by the power visuals have over our brains and are designed to lock down the attention of skim readers in particular.

Studies have shown that versus text alone, written information paired with relevant imagery is:

  • More than 5 times as memorable
  • 50% more persuasive
  • 35% more easily understood

A two-way experience

Our Immerse pages support a variety of layouts, visuals, and interactive features. Interactivity keeps the mind active and affords readers autonomy over how they explore a document that is absent from long-scroll experiences.

Dynamic features like Turtl’s polls and charts encourage us to feel more connected with the experience, keeping readers engaged for longer.

A content piece from Hanover is displayed on a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone to show the responsive nature of the format

Designed for digital

Unlike PDF documents, Turtl’s format offers an excellent reading experience across devices. No pinching or excessive scrolling!

Social cards, GIFs and other features for sharing your content online are auto-generated to help draw in audiences across channels.

Always on-brand

Custom themes keep content effortlessly in line with your style guidelines

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What can you create?

Turtl’s perfect for creating a variety of content types across your business

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Simple publishing

Control access to your content and share effectively across channels

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Customers see superior
engagement with Turtl

AIG Life

AIG Life

Swapping out PDF for Turtl increased reach by over 350% and attained avg. read times of over 5 minutes


T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price

The institutional team turtlized their Global Market Outlook and saw engagement triple


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