The Personalization Engine

Personalize by account, job title, industry, and more - as a proven way to generate higher reader engagement. There are four types of content personalization based on the data source you choose:

Internal forms

Complete a form to create personalized proposals, brochures and deck leave-behinds. Typically used by SDRs, sales, and partner teams.

Reader forms

Let readers build their own content experience by answering on-screen questions and prompts. Perfect for websites and social media.

File upload

Upload customer data via a .csv file to generate personalized documents at scale for marketing campaigns, ABM activity, and client reporting.

Client database

Integrate Turtl with your systems, using an API, to automate personalization at an unlimited scale – for marketing programs and customer reports.


How Turtl’s Personalization Engine works

Build a master version of your Turtl Doc, then define dynamic content – text, pages, images, charts, videos, and tables – by adding Personalization tokens.

Personalization tokens, combined with page rules and information pulled from your chosen data source, determine what, exactly, gets displayed to your audience.

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more engagement with personalized welcome kits

How can personalization be used?

Create customized content throughout the customer journey. From awareness and purchase to renewals and advocacy, you’ll provide unforgettable experiences.

Sales proposals

Create customized proposals that address prospect’s unique pain points and priorities. Use Turtl Analytics to identify engaged key stakeholders.

Digital newsletters

Serve personalized newsletters to deliver more relevant information to audience segments. Increase opens, subscribers and click-through rates.

Virtual onboarding

Virtual onboarding just got more human. Build relationships from every content touchpoint, remove friction and pinpoint where extra support is needed.


ABM + personalization

Nurture and grow more accounts with supersize ABM. Personalize long-form content to unlimited accounts, and identify high-intent prospects from deep reader analytics.


Track performance

Report on reads and interactions for every personalized version of your master document. Turtl data informs lead scoring, triggers workflows, and shows precisely how prospects engage with your content.


Basic vs deep personalization

Basic personalization adds simple elements to content, such as names and logos. Deep personalization shapes content to meet reader preferences. Learn readers’ interests from Turtl Analytics, group by cohort, and show/hide specifics from your master version. Got a large database of leads? You’ll segment more accurately and automate more effectively with Turtl.

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Optimize your tech stack

Turtl has integrations allowing users to personalize Turtl Docs within Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce. Additional integrations feed reader analytics data back into CRM systems to trigger notifications, workflows and events.


The ultimate guide to account-based marketing

Learn ABM basics, and how to provide richer content experiences across all accounts.

Turtl plans

Boost content performance

By adding the personalization module to your plan, you’ll gain access to a range of features that will revolutionize the way you connect with your target market.


Omnichannel personalization: Engage channels with data

Deliver personalized and cohesive content, messages, and interactions to individual buyers or target accounts, regardless of the channels they use.

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