Form a solid B2B content marketing strategy from the ground up. Includes advice from industry leaders and templates.

Gain the competitive edge with your lead generation strategy and create lead magnets that perform for your pipeline.

Get better pipeline performance with a great inbound lead generation strategy.

Scale your ABM strategy. With tactics to provide richer content experiences across accounts.

How to get better demand gen results using the power of data.

Learn why quality data is essential for better B2B

From lead generation to establishing brand authority, learn how whitepapers play a role across your marketing efforts.

Your prospects don’t have the time to sift through hefty PDFs. Find out how you can enhance your marketing strategy by showcasing your content in digital brochures.

Find out more about creating digital magazines, whether you’re looking into new content formats, or diversifying your content strategy for your B2B audience.

From brand awareness to lead generation, here’s a look at some common high-level marketing goals, and marketing collateral examples that can help you achieve them.

What kinds do you need to progress your sales process? Find out more about common types of sales collateral, and how they can help support sales objectives.

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Designed to make every read count

The only digital reading format rooted in psychology, proven to deliver 10x more attention than PDF and over twice as much attention as web pages.


Engage and convert leads into qualified pipeline

People spend double the time in Turtl Docs vs web pages, and 10x as long compared to PDFs. More engagement means more leads – it’s that simple.


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Whether you’re working in lead generation, demand generation, ABM or sales enablement, Turtl is for marketers serious about using content to drive pipeline and revenue.