Metrics for success

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16th April 2018
Author: Etienne Clergue
Posted in: Impact & ROI

In modern B2B marketing the roles of content creation and performance marketing can no longer be two roles performed by two separate people with little care for how the other might fare.

Instead, content marketing should be seen as the creation and performance measurement of the stories a business tells.

“Keep it simple stupid”

That content marketing needs to be measured is easy to say. Figuring out which metrics are going to be of use is a whole different challenge.

As Steve Jobs said, sometimes the hardest but most important thing to do is keep things simple. “You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple”

What most CEOs care about when it comes to marketing is genuine business outcomes. In other words, they’ll ask: ‘What is it that you are doing as a marketer, with all your customer insight, to help grow our business?’

So what counts?

In truth there are hundreds of things that you can measure – but too much data has often been the problem for marketers.

It might well be that in focusing on more strategic business outcomes as content marketing metrics – something the rest of the business can really understand, get behind and support – a system of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ metrics is developed.

  • Internal metrics
    Shared only among the marketing team and used as regular indicators of audience engagement on which to drive valuable iteration.
  • External metrics
    Reported back to departments and teams outside of marketing. They might typically take longer to materialise as metrics that are genuinely fit to report but ultimately they carry more weight in the context of strategic business objectives such as the bottom line.

Content metrics for success

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You should now be fully equipped to effectively report on the performance of your content marketing, whoever you’re speaking to in your business, no more excuses!

The only question remaining is, how and where do I get this data? Well that’s a problem for another day, but feel free to get in touch with our content specialists and they’ll be able to help.