Turtl integrations

Turtl connects digital documents with your tech stack to streamline workflows and generate insights for your sales and marketing programs

  • Generate leads

    Generate leads

    Optimize lead generation with interactive forms and strategically placed pop-ups to effortlessly capture valuable contact information

  • Track performance

    Track performance

    Track individual readers’ interactions to gain valuable content insights, improve content performance, and inform follow-up strategy

  • Centralize insights

    Centralize insights

    Push behavioral insights directly into your database to build a 360 profile of customers and automate workflows for maximum impact

  • Scalable personalization

    Scalable personalization

    Drive automated personalization, deliver tailored content expriences at scale, and win 84% more attention


Insert customized forms into your content that can be prepopulated to enhance your data collection efforts, and leverage a lead capture URL to identify known readers and enrich your customer profiles. By utilizing Salesforce as a data source, you gain valuable insights for personalized engagement and enhanced customer experiences.


With Spotler, you can easily embed forms that align with your branding in your content, and include prepopulate hidden form fields. Spotler also allows you to identify and resolve known readers, supporting personalized engagement and targeted marketing strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics

With Microsoft Dynamics, you can leverage lead capture URL functionality to identify known readers and enrich your customer or prospect profiles. This enables a holistic view of your audience’s interactions to empower personalized marketing and sales efforts for enhanced customer experiences.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics allows you to effortlessly manage and analyze data from customizable lead capture forms embedded in your content. With standard tracking scripts and custom event tracking, you can gain valuable insights into user behavior and engagement, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization of your marketing and sales efforts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a standard tracking script that allows you to effortlessly monitor and analyze reader behavior. With custom event tracking capabilities, you can also monitor specific interactions and events across your content to inform continued marketing strategies and content performance.


With Wishpond's native integration, you can easily embed and manage lead capture forms. Prepopulate hidden form fields to expedite data collection and leverage form submissions to identify known readers, gather audience insights, and tailor your marketing outreach.


Expand your data collection capabilities with Vuture’s customizable forms that can include hidden prepopulated fields to enhance user convenience. Through form submissions you can identify known readers to gather valuable insights and create targeted engagement strategies.


Unbounce empowers you to create customized forms that optimize lead generation efforts and align with your brand by applying your unique style guidelines and visual elements. Seamlessly embed these lead capture forms in your content and use prepopulated fields to simplify data entry for users and improve completion rates.


Expedite the data collection process by embedding branded and prepopulated forms in your content, and identify known readers to gain a deeper understanding of your audience. Utilize standard tracking scripts and custom event tracking to monitor and analyze customer interactions and engagement, driving actionable insights for marketing success.


With JotForm, you have the flexibility to apply your unique branding to lead capture forms - that can then be embedded in your content - for a seamless experience. Simplify the data entry process and enhance form completion efficiency by prepopulating hidden form fields.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms facilitates the utilization of lead capture forms in your content. With Gravity Forms, you can prepopulate hidden form fields, simplifying the data entry process for users and providing a more streamlined experience.


Formstack ensures a cohesive user experience by enabling you to seamlessly embed lead capture forms, that boast your branding, in your content. Further streamline data entry and deliver a more user-friendly process by prepopulating hidden form fields.


With Drupal, you can include dynamic forms in your content to effortlessly capture valuable data and optimize the user experience. You also have the capability to prepopulate hidden form fields, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Act On

Seamlessly incorporate third-party forms into your content and enable the prepopulation of hidden fields to simplify the user experience and streamline the lead capture process. Act-On allows you to resolve known readers through both forms and lead capture URL, enabling enhanced targeting and personalization efforts for optimal engagement.


Vidyard is a video marketing platform that offers a range of tools and services to help businesses leverage the power of video in their marketing strategies. Including videos in your content encourages deeper engagement, supports reader understanding, and improves content performance for better conversion rates.


Formsite simplifies the process of incorporating third-party forms into your content. You can apply your brand's distinct styles to the forms, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance. Formsite also offers the functionality to prepopulate hidden fields, streamlining data entry and enhancing the user experience.

Oracle Eloqua

Capture leads directly with forms that can be stylized and prepopulated for a smoother user experience, with Eloqua’s native integration capabilities. Utilize a form and lead capture URL to resolve known readers, and standard tracking scripts and custom event tracking to further enhance your ability to track and analyze customer insights.


By integrating with Dotdigital, you unlock the power to capture more leads through highly customizable forms that align with your branding, while also benefiting from the ability to prepopulate hidden form fields, ensuring a frictionless experience for your audience.


With Marketo's seamless native integration, you can easily synchronize reader data with Turtl, centralizing valuable insights to capture leads, track known readers, automate custom event workflows, and deliver personalized content at scale, all while streamlining your marketing operations.


Drift offers a chatbot and live chat functionality that enables you to engage with readers in real-time as they explore your content. By facilitating meaningful customer interactions, Drift can help capture and qualify leads, route leads to the appropriate team members, drive conversions, and improve customer satisfaction.


HubSpot seamlessly integrates as a native data source, empowering you to effortlessly identify and track readers, capture leads through custom branded forms, automate workflows, personalize content at scale, and set up custom events for optimized engagement and exceptional brand experiences.


Chartblocks is a data visualization platform that allows users to create and customize interactive charts and graphs. Enable deeper exploration of your data and enhance the user experience by including dynamic data visualization elements in your content.


Everviz is a visualization tool that helps you create interactive charts and maps to make your data come to life. Embed dynamic data visualizations in your digital documents to support data-driven storytelling, enhance reader engagement, improve data understanding, and boost memory retention.


Infogram is a data visualization and infographic creation tool that enables users to transform complex data into interactive graphics, such as charts, graphs, maps, and infographics. Include Infogram’s dynamic elements in your content to aid data visualization and storytelling, making your data more digestible and memorable.


Matterport specializes in creating immersive 3D virtual tours to showcase and visualize physical spaces. Embed virtual tours in your content to revolutionize the way spaces are showcased and accessed, and deliver an engaging user experience to drive higher conversion rates and expedite the decision-making process.


Brightcove is a leading online video platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services for managing, publishing, and delivering engaging video experiences within your content. Include videos in your digital documents to provide a more interactive experience for your audience, increase engagement, and drive conversions.


Share branded promotional videos, advertisements, tutorials, product demonstrations, and other types of video content in your digital documents to engage your target audience. Easily embed YouTube videos to capture and hold your audience’s attention.


Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and watch high-quality videos. Easily embed Vimeo videos into your digital documents to add a dynamic element that enhances user experience and understanding, boosts content performance, and improves conversion rates.

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What types of integrations are available?

Content apps

Turtl’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to bring your documents to life with live charts, videos, graphics and social sharing options. 

Forms and chatbots

Manage reader cookie preferences and capture user information with third-party forms, pop-ups, and chatbots in Turtl Docs. 

Reader identification

Connect Turtl with your CRM system to identify known readers in Turtl analytics dashboards. Readers can be identified via a form, URL, or cookie, along with comprehensive reader insights.

Workflow automation

Streamline the production of personalized Turtl Docs in Hubspot, Salesforce or Marketo. Turtl Docs can be personalized from within the CRM system, either by users or automatically via workflows and campaigns.

Tracking codes

Track reader page views and clicks from Turtl Docs in your CRM or analytics system. More detailed user behavior for lead scoring or automated workflows may require custom configuration.

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