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Join Alice and Ellie, Turtl’s in-house Content Studio team, in our Q&A workshop. Tune in for insider tips and tricks, as well as live demos.

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data driven marketing trends blog thumbnail

Get the scoop on the hottest data-driven marketing trends of 2024. Can you guess wh...

woman gesturing

Whitepaper PDFs are on their way out. Find out why digital whitepapers are the futu...

photo of a bag of dollar bills

Collecting first-party data gives you more control over lead quality. See why....

child shrugging

Leads and prospects need two different types of communication....

Man shying away from a PDF

Whitepaper PDFs are on their way out. Find out why digital whitepapers are the futu...

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Is outbound lead generation old news? Short answer: no....

woman holding shopping bag and thinking

Intent data providers are the windows to leads' souls. Find out how 1st, 2nd, and 3...

fortune teller

We’ve sifted through popular predictions and put together the content marketing t...

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Lead generation: what is it, why is it important, and how do you do it? Find answer...

magnet attracting coins

Good lead magnet promotion rockets reads & leads. Find best-practice advice for how...

realtor standing in front of a row of houses

Generate more real estate leads, sell more homes and list more properties....

various vintage objects, a telephone, a radio and a TV

See how data powers personalization and engagement between channels....

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