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If you use the PDF instead of Turtl, you are missing out on 90% of reader engagement

If you use the PDF instead of Turtl, you are missing out on 90% of reader engagement

That’s a big deal for your content performance, for your lead generation, your sales cycle, and ultimately your bottom line. Packed with features built to benefit both the publisher and the reader, Turtl provides a high-performance, highly visual interactive alternative to PDF.

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How Turtl outperforms PDFs

PDFs weren’t designed for the digital world.

Turtl for today

PDF for yesterday

  • Rich visuals, interactive features. Capture attention fast with Turtl’s wide range of widgets.
Static, analog format. What’s a widget?
  • Engage, excite and drive experience. Turtl’s psychology-first format is scientifically proven to capture more attention and improve information retention.
PDF does not engage. Designed to be printed, the PDF encourages endless scrolling and fails to chunk up larger documents, making content inaccessible.
  • Wave goodbye to the pinch to zoom. Built for the web and optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet – Turtl Docs are fully web responsive.
Embrace a higher bounce rate. 60% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. PDFs aren’t natively web responsive and will underwhelm mobile readers.
Impossible to update or recall.  Your business moves fast, and your marketing collateral needs to keep up. PDFs can’t be edited after publishing and are impossible to recall after sending.
  • Easy to share and distribute. Autogenerated links, website embed code, and our popular flippy GIF optimize sharing your content across all digital channels.
Forget to attach a file? Embedding a PDF on your website, attaching it to emails, or sharing it on socials is a tiresome task that outdates your brand, and delivers lackluster results.
  • Data to act on. Drill into detailed reader engagement metrics with Turtl’s in-depth analytics dashboard.
Leaves you guessing. It’s hard to be data-driven when your most informative metric is ‘number of downloads’.
  • Game-changing personalization. Build genuine connections and speak to every member of your audience on an individual level using data to guide which content to send and to who. Scale your document personalization and warm more prospects, faster.
Manual personalization. Broadcasting a generic PDF to large audiences is not how we do personalization today. PDFs are unfit for the job.

The stats behind the PDF alternative

The stats behind the PDF alternative

  • Captures 10x more desktop reader attention  
  • Captures 7x more mobile reader attention 
  • Improves brand perception by 5x

Designed to appeal to your readers with an engaging, visually focussed layout – analysis of reader engagement captured with eye tracking technology proves the difference between PDF and the alternative. 

What results can Turtl’s personalization engine get you?

What results can Turtl’s personalization engine get you?

  • Increases engagement by 84%
  • Increases interaction by 32% 
  • Decreases bounce rate by 49%

Short of manually creating individual PDFs for every member of your audience, there is no way of personalizing PDFs at scale. Which means your documents miss out on the benefits that Turtl’s personalization engine gets you. 

Turtl Docs vs PDF

Find out why these businesses switched to Turtl as their PDF alternative

We have reduced the production time of content by weeks, if not months in some cases, as this is a self-service tool. You don’t need any agency involvement.

Kay Armstrong Audience Campaign Manager

There is nothing engaging about reading an 80-page PDF document on mobile. You spend more time scrolling and zooming in and out than you do actually reading it.

James Bodsworth Advisor on emerging technologies

The lack of tracking within a PDF means we have no idea if someone opens it or not, let alone how long they spend reading it.

PDFs that have been given the Turtl treatment

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