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Turtl’s digital magazine creator recreates the polished reading experience of aspirational magazines.

Expect extensive formatting options that merge elegant composition with interactive multimedia. Designed for digital consumption, Turtl provides a natural reading experience and includes a responsive, mobile-friendly design. Reader analytics and distribution capabilities track engagement to reach wider audiences.

Easy to create

Create visually stunning digital magazines, regardless of your design expertise

Increase engagement

Keep readers immersed in your content for longer with interactivity

Device responsive

Accommodate your readership’s device preferences and increase reach potential

Cost-effective content

Reduce production time and costs by up to 90%

Real-time editing

Eliminate print errors and outdated copy

Always on-brand

Custom themes ensure branding remains distinct and consistent

User-friendly navigation

Readers can naturally navigate to topics of interest

Actionable insights

Identify popular topics and features to better understand your readers’ journeys

Grow readership

Optimize for engagement to retain subscribers, remain relevant and optimize your strategy

Why Turtl?

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increase in readership in Turtl vs PDF

AIG Life increased content reach by 350% and reached average read times of over 5 minutes

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increase in engagement in Turtl vs webpages

The Marketing Society moved away from legacy content formats and saw reader engagement skyrocket

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increase in submissions with actionable insights

IR Magazine generated a significant increase in leads and sales using detailed reader data

Dive into interactive magazines

See what your content can do - convert one of your existing PDFs to a Turtl Doc for free now.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes

6 benefits of switching to digital magazines


10x reader engagement

Turtl’s digital-first format is the only brain-friendly content platform scientifically proven to maximize reader engagement, brand perception, and content recall.


Save up to 90% on content production

Turtl helps teams do more with less. By empowering teams with an easy-to-use editor and library of templates, you can publish striking digital magazines, regardless of design skills and capabilities.


Maintain brand integrity

Strengthen brand recognition with content that is always on-brand, delivers a remarkable experience, and improves positive brand sentiment by 5x.


Flexible and dynamic

Turtl digital magazines can be seamlessly accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Delight your readers with a convenient, interactive, shareable reading experience and instant access to all their favorite subjects.


Know what your readers want

Use Turtl’s Analytics to delve deeper into which topics, features, or elements of your interactive magazines are driving the most engagement. These granular insights help you to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.


10x subscribers with Turtl

Integrate Turtl to access a 360° view of readers preferences, then build and distribute perfectly personalized content. Turtl customers raise magazine readership, reach and revenue.

Hear from our customers

The editorial sponsorship has been by far the most popular, with clients eager to see their content in Turtl's dynamic interactive format.

Andrew Burrows

Head of Content, Insights, and Analytics, Informa Connect

Turtl wins hands down. And it’s not just PDF. It’s PPT too. These are old tech and Turtl is a much better way of doing things. It’s more engaging both to read and create. It saves costs and the analytics are invaluable.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

As a graphic designer and Adobe disciple I had reservations about using Turtl to replace the usual method of producing PDF’s for online use, thinking it would be too ‘design restrictive’ due to its simplicity. A few Docs later, I was converted! For over a year, it’s been my lead tool for creating fast interactive content which enables us to fully engage with our target audience.

Mark Russell

Graphic Designer, ManpowerGroup

Turtl just gives us another way of being able to capture what customers find engaging beyond how they’re using the website or in conversation. You can actually see where they spend time and it’s a lot more granular. It’s another way to measure and improve how we communicate externally.

Travis Jaggers

Digital Marketing Lead, Veeva Systems

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What is a digital magazine?

Designed to be read on computers, tablets, and smartphones, digital magazines have interactive features, rich multimedia, and hyperlinks. Try video interviews, use music to accompany features, or add 3D spacial tours to interiors sections. Give readers an immersive content experience that invites interaction. These points of interaction become data points for analytics, helping publishers and editors plan content that works.

Why publish in digital?

Publishing is a super-competitive space. Did you know that interactivity and multimedia help content and brand recall? Get your brand heard across a market saturated with static long-form content. You’ll know exactly what resonates with your readers, who, incidentally, can share any issue, across any channel, with a click. You save on production costs and gain advertising revenue while championing sustainability.

Can digital magazine content target reader segments?

Turtl turns out deeply personalized content at scale, making it a powerful tool for delivering digital magazines to customer segments.

Group readers by location and send issues in different languages, or personalize issues to love-bomb individual subscribers.

Just create a Master Doc and define what you’d like to personalize with Personalization Tokens. Single pages, chapters, features, advertorials, images, charts, videos, and tables can be shown, hidden, or customized for different reader segments. Personalize magazine content based on reader behavior, or any data source you choose. There are infinite ways to use Turtl’s Personalization Engine

Follow our personalization advice and boost reader engagement by up to 84%.

Find out more about personalizing digital documents.

How do I make a successful digital magazine?

Turtl surfaces detailed insights about content performance. It’s easy to track Turtl content and see valuable reader data and engagement metrics – per issue or individual reader.

Now set your editorial calendar. You’re about to fill it with what your readers want. Click-through rate, average read time, bounce rate, and interaction metrics validate the performance of your digital magazine. Double down on topics of interest, and what drives engagement, and ask readers for direct feedback in surveys and polls.

Do I need training to use Turtl's online magazine maker?

Turtl is packed full of functionality, so we recommend you complete our Training Programme to get the most out of it.

The Training Programme is made up of modules to bring you up to speed on the basics of Turtl before getting you creating, publishing, and analyzing your online magazines like a pro – in no time.

Once you get going our Support team will be there to answer any questions you may have.

Why not use a PDF for my digital magazine?

The PDF is over 20 years old. PDFs offer no reader interaction, aren’t optimized for different devices, and encourage endless scrolling resulting in less engagement. Yet, we all know how critical mobile, insights, and data are.

Content in the PDF format goes against the core principles of how we absorb and remember information, and this is to the detriment of how readers engage with these materials – especially for readers who are accustomed to physical magazines.

Turtl is built on the science of reading. Turtl offers readers a richer content experience and provides users with actionable metrics, such as reads, sign-ups, and average read times.


More about Turtl

Customer success stories

AIG Life + Turtl

Wanting to move away from limited click-only visibility, AIG Life enhanced the reader experience across various devices while gaining a deeper understanding of their content performance.


Streamline your digital magazine creation

Take the uncertainty out of creating unforgettable content. Discover what you can do with Turtl to reach your business objectives.


How to create a digital magazine in 7 steps

Whether you're interested in new content formats or a seasoned print enthusiast seeking to broaden your scope - explore how to create a digital magazine for your B2B audience.

The Turtl step-by-step guide explains:
- How digital magazines have evolved
- How you can increase readership in a few clicks
- How to get started, fast


Improve online magazine performance with AI-backed data benchmarks

With over 30 billion data points, Turtl Benchmarks provides unmatched data benchmarks for your industry - and your content.