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Man shying away from a PDF

05 Feb 2024

Why whitepaper PDFs are problematic

05 Feb 202413044

Whitepaper PDFs are on their way out. Find out why digital whitepapers are the futu...

outbound lead gen blog feature image

31 Jan 2024

What is outbound lead generation? 9 essential strategies

31 Jan 202413076

Is outbound lead generation old news? Short answer: no....

various vintage objects, a telephone, a radio and a TV

11 Jan 2024

Omnichannel personalization: Engage channels with data

11 Jan 202412593

See how data powers personalization and engagement between channels....

remote control pointing at a smart TV

29 Dec 2023

How and why omnichannel marketing works

29 Dec 202312410

Use data for consistent messaging, visuals and experiences across all channels....

Headshots of Alice Freeman and Ellie O'Callahan from the Turtl Design Team

07 Dec 2023

Design drop-in with Turtl’s content studio team

07 Dec 20233413

Join Alice and Ellie, Turtl’s in-house Content Studio team, in our Q&A workshop. ...

Blog featured image that shows someone wokring on a laptop that has an analytics dashboard on the screen and also a tape measure

10 Nov 2023

5 essential tips for data benchmarking + research report

10 Nov 202311456

Benchmarking is essential to understanding what good content performance looks like...

the hands of creation

31 Oct 2023

The rules of digital content creation

31 Oct 202310316

The ultimate ‘how to’ for your digital content creation....

young boy with arms up

23 Aug 2023

Choosing the right content creation platform for you

23 Aug 20236729

Content marketing is far from the experimental branch of marketing it once was. ...

How to generate more leads from your digital content

20 Jul 2023

How to generate more leads from your digital content

20 Jul 20233551

Watch our on-demand webinar, where we cover how to: Plan successful lead-generat...

a gorilla looking at a brain

07 Jul 2023

Leading the way: Thought leadership strategies for lead generation

07 Jul 20239095

Thought leadership has been a corporate buzzword since the mid-90s. But, unlike inf...

Feature image for Turtl pillar post called the great whitepaper the role it plays in content marketing

17 Jun 2023

The great white paper and the role it plays in marketing

17 Jun 20232516

From lead generation to establishing brand authority, learn how white papers play a...