Our commitment to sustainability

Reducing the carbon footprint of your data

At Turtl, we want companies to embrace the digital revolution. But, we also recognize that digital does not automatically equal sustainable. 

In 2016, it was reported by The Independent that data centers have the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry. And while these centers are becoming more efficient every day, it’s been predicted that by 2040, storing data will create 14% of the world’s carbon emissions. That’s the same proportion as the US produces today. 

We feel that it’s our responsibility to combat the carbon emissions produced by the data generated by ourselves and our customers. 

We’ve chosen to do this through carbon offsetting.

What is carbon offsetting?

Every organization, country, and individual has a carbon footprint – their impact on the environment measured by CO2 emissions. Offsetting is buying carbon credits equal to your carbon impact. In theory, for every tonne of CO2 you emit, you pay an amount to an organization that, through various projects, ensures there is one less tonne in the atmosphere on your behalf.

Does carbon offsetting work?

Some offsetting projects have been criticized for promising more than they deliver. It’s argued that the credit attribution system is skewed and that the huge demand for offsetting has spawned organizations that are so focused on delivering on their promised metrics that they actually damage local environments and communities in the process. This is why it was incredibly important for us to find a project that works responsibly to reduce CO2 emissions.

Which project have we chosen?

We’ve chosen to offset our carbon emissions with Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor Gold Standard, a multi-species native reforestation project in Southwest Australia. 

Ninety percent of the land in this region has already been cleared for farming, but over time the soil has become degraded and semi-arid and no longer supports viable farming practices. The project aims to restore the environment to its origins by planting up to 40 native trees and shrub species matched to the environment. 

This project was chosen by us because they’re not planting one species of tree over and over again to meet quotas. They’re carefully reintroducing native species who have vanished or been driven to the brink of extinction. They also work alongside local indigenous people to ensure aboriginal heritage sites are recognized and registered.

Check out their mission here:

Your carbon footprint with Turtl

You’re not only eliminating the carbon emissions of mass-scale paper production by joining Turtl. The carbon created from your Turtl-generated data will be offset by the Yarra Yarra project. For every tonne of CO2 your data creates, we pay an amount to the project which will be used to help reduce an equivalent amount of carbon in the atmosphere.


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