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How to generate demand with Turtl


Choose templates for top-of-funnel content

Support an effective demand generation funnel with in-depth information helps drive awareness and trust for your brand. Our templates for whitepapers, reports and guides are ideal for presenting informative and educational content.


Develop a visual narrative

Our brains are highly visual and images play a key role in capturing our attention. The Turtl Doc format encourages brain-friendly layouts and structured storytelling.


Reader-led relevance, for every campaign

Use Turtl Analytics to measure content performance, segment audiences, identify topics, and deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time.


Capture leads, at every turn

Gate content in any part of a Turtl Doc. Use chatbots, polls and forms to send leads directly to your CRM or marketing automation system.


Better data insights to grow pipeline

Go beyond just clicks and bounce rate metrics. Understand how and where your audience is engaging with your documents. Inform lead scoring and trigger relevant actions based on reader intent.


Remove the guesswork from content performance

Understand how your content is performing against industry benchmarks. Continuously improve the performance of your content with Turtl’s AI-driven recommendations.

Why Turtl?

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read time and lower bounce rate

Community Brands pivoted its strategy to focus on what its target audience wants to see

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reader engagement with personalization

Customized materials provided better insights for better outcomes

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reader engagement with interactive content

Cisco boosted content performance while reducing production costs


Push performance with the
right format

Turn your 2,500-word thought leadership article into a Turtl Doc, and people will read 23% more of it – compared to an equivalent webpage.


Better brand experience, deeper engagement vs PDF

Turtl Docs are designed for digital reading and apply principles of behavioral psychology. Compared to PDFs, Turtl Docs offer 10x more engagement, and readers are 5x more likely to perceive your brand in a positive light.

Hear from our customers

Turtl makes it really easy to create and measure document impact on our audience. As an active user of this platform for the past 2 years, I can testify this is the best way to leverage reader attention.

Sakinatou Seyifou

Digital Marketing Manager, ManpowerGroup

Turtl is a great example of a platform that really enables us to connect with our audience, hold them for longer, and to showcase some of the things that we’re doing. We want to bring value to our audience.

Darren Carter

Marketing Manager, Morgan Sindall

As Turtl’s first-ever customer, I have utilized the platform within 4 different businesses. It’s an absolute game-changer in terms of content production, reader engagement, and gaining useful, actionable insights. I can’t recommend Turtl enough.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

It works really well for our client testimonials, case studies, product information - there are just so many ways to utilise the different features within Turtl to apply it to whatever marketing collateral we need.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG


What are the benefits of using Turtl for demand generation?

The Turtl format is optimized for digital reading and it’s proven to increase reader engagement. People spend double the time in Turtl Docs vs webpages, and 10x as long compared to PDFs. Independent research has shown that readers are more likely to remember your message in a Turtl Doc, making them ideal for ebooks ebooks, guides, whitepapers white papers, and research reports.

How can I measure demand generation performance in Turtl?

Turtl Analytics shows how readers engage with your content. This rich source of intent data can be used to track the progress of your prospects as you nurture them through the buying process. Engagement data can be fed into your CRM or marketing automation system to help with reporting. Performance benchmarks help you understand what ‘good looks like’ by comparing your document with others in your organization and industry.

How is Turtl used for demand generation?

Organizations are using Turtl to create long-form content that generates and captures demand. This means content throughout the demand generation funnel, from the top of the funnel to educate the market and raise awareness of a particular problem or solution, such as ebooks, reports, and whitepapers, through to content for the middle and bottom of the funnel to help buyers select the right solution when they are ready, such as case studies, brochures, and product guides.

Can Turtl be used to gate content?

Deciding whether to gate your content or not depends on the value you are offering, where your reader is in the buyer journey and how your content is performing. Once you’ve decided whether to gate or not, Turtl offers soft and hard gating options for the start of your document or at any stage of the reading experience. Learn more in our modern demand guide.

How does Turtl work with CRM or marketing automation systems?

Turtl connects digital documents with your apps and systems to centralize data insights. Push reader insights from Turtl directly into your database to build a 360 profile of customers and automate workflows. Find out more about our integrations.

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