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Wondering what happens when you join Turtl? From kick-off to ongoing support, we're here to help you create content that performs.

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We understand that all of our customers have unique models, processes, and requirements, so your journey might look a little bit different. But, don’t worry, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.


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Turtl support doesn’t end with onboarding

Support with Turtl is different. Our team of experts is always on hand to advise and support users throughout their creative journey.

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  • Help Center filled with support articles
  • Global support

Meet the Onboarding team

Lucy Woodbridge, Head of Onboarding

I look after onboarding at Turtl – so you’ll get to know me at the beginning of your Turtl journey. I’ve been at Turtl since 2019 and WOW it’s been a whirlwind, and such a great experience. I’ve been lucky enough to work out of both the London and the Boston offices, which meant I’ve made friends for life at Turtl on both sides of the “pond”. My favorite part of Turtl is the humans that work here – I’ve never known such a supportive and talented group, truly inspiring.

Abi Odukoya, Customer Onboarding Specialist

I will be helping you at the beginning of your Turtl journey to hit the ground running and create engaging content! Since working at Turtl I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the psychology involved in making brain-friendly content and using the data to measure its effectiveness. I also enjoy working with such a passionate intelligent bunch – honestly, they are fab! When I’m not at work you’ll either find me exploring London trying to find new brunch spots, in a park with my young son and husband (for our 2 days of summer in London), or traveling the world with family and friends!

Meet the Customer Success team

Hayley Critchley, Head of Customer Success

I’ve been at Turtl since April 2015 and joined after working at a couple of previous start-ups and large corporations. My strangest role was working in an events company and hosting team-building sessions – including “Banzi” where I was dressed as a ninja and known as “Hacksaw Hayley”. At Turtl I love the poll feature and how it allows our customers to understand the sentiment of their readers in a fun and engaging way. I have two small children and a dog who are the focus of my life outside of Turtl!

Alex Tran, Senior Customer Success Manager

I’ve been enjoying 4 years at Turtl as a Senior Customer Success Manager. As strange as it might sound, I’m an introvert who intentionally picks a job that asks me to speak to people every day. The conversations I have are often quite meaningful and help my customers to achieve value from Turtl. To balance this career choice, after working hours, you can find me in the garden taking care of my flowers and veg. I’ve been experimenting with growing vegetables popular in Vietnam – where I come from – but this proves to be quite a challenge in the UK climate, but hey, the fun is in the process!

Evi Petkuna, Senior Customer Success Manager

Since joining Turtl in 2017, I’ve had the privilege of wearing multiple hats and playing a pivotal role in shaping the CSM team. At Turtl, no two days are the same, and that’s what keeps me energized. I absolutely love diving into our customers’ business challenges and providing them with practical advice. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing those “light bulb” moments when a customer unlocks the full potential of our platform. Personally, my favorite aspect of Turtl is our Analytics dashboards. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness our customers achieving their goals or gaining the insights they need to improve their Turtl Docs’ performance.

Gillian Iwanczuk, Senior Customer Success Manager

I’ve been a part of the Turtl family for the past 3 years as a Customer Success Manager. What excites me about my role is building relationships with our customers and the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the job. One of my favorite aspects of Turtl is the incredible creative potential it offers. It’s a platform that empowers users to unleash their imagination and create stunning content. Having made the leap from Canada to London 7 years ago, I’ve enjoyed exploring new neighborhoods in this amazing city but, my true delight lies in the proximity to the rest of Europe. The opportunity to experience different cultures and cuisines, and unwind on stunning beaches is simply incredible.

Callum Cobb, Customer Success Manager

I joined the Turtl team around a year ago and thoroughly enjoy developing strong working relationships and supporting users in the creation and distribution of exciting digital content! With the product constantly evolving, I always have to be ready to shout about new features that will improve my customers’ experience of Turtl. For example, I am always showing customers my favorite feature: the table widget. This feature makes it super easy to create tables that feel really bespoke and on-brand – and it requires very little effort on your end! Outside of work, you’ll likely find me out and about running, or at a live music gig/ festival with my friends – I’ve just got back from seeing Bruce Springsteen in Dublin!

Jackie Kamel, Customer Success Manager

I have been with the company for a year and a half now and am based in our US headquarters in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts! What I love most about my job at Turtl is face time with my incredible customers. My customers are always challenging the way Turtl can work within their overall business strategy and I love helping them push the boundaries of the tool and solve these challenges. My favorite Turtl feature is the option to add videos and gifs to your content. It allows you to add so much flare and excitement to what would normally be static in a PDF format. When I’m not working at Turtl, you can find me giving donut tours around Boston and snuggling up with my hound mix puppy, Apollo!

Hope Tolliday, Customer Success Manager

Here at Turtl, I work with our customers and partners to support them in achieving their goals! I love my role in Customer Success as no day is the same and I get to speak to such a diverse group of customers, partners, and users every day, guiding them along on their journey with us. Working with Turtl is incredibly exciting, the product is constantly evolving and improving which means I am always learning new things! Outside of work, I live on the beautiful Devon coast with my boyfriend. I love to bake (and to eat what I’ve baked!) and you’ll often find me curled up with a book enjoying my view of the sea.

Katie Mistretta, Customer Success Manager

Being a Customer Success Manager allows me to do what I love most—connecting face-to-face with our amazing customers and building lasting relationships. It brings me a huge amount of joy to guide customers through their journey with Turtl. One thing that truly excites me about the tool is its ability to transform anyone into a designer. Witnessing our customers unlock their creative potential and achieve remarkable results with their content creation is incredibly fulfilling. Outside of work, you’ll often find me exploring the vibrant streets of East London on a mission to discover the newest pop-up restaurant. When I’m not on a culinary adventure, you might spot me in the middle of a festival, surrounded by friends.

Miranda Ditmore, Customer Success Manager

Based in sometimes-sunny-Boston, my favorite thing about my role is getting to share in customers’ excitement. As a user, I love how Turtl allows you to be everything: a designer, an analyst, a marketer, a writer… the list goes on. And when that first Turtl Doc gets published, and the customer – who never thought they were very creative – puts out an asset far and beyond the content their company is used to seeing, there’s a childlike joy that’s hard to beat. Oh, and I love the flippy gif. Everyone loves the flippy gif! When I’m not surfing and immersing, I can be found running along the Charles River, cycling through the Boston suburbs, mapping designs for tiny houses, on a hunt for my next book, or scouring Trader Joes.

Miriam Jones, Customer Success Manager

I love helping our customers easily create outstanding content and review performance within their analytics. It’s so exciting to work with customers who strive to be data led and help them make positive changes to their content based on how their readers are actually reading their documents. When I’m not working, I like to be active and enjoy playing netball, cycling around the city, and sea swimming – even on Christmas Day!

Rosie Webber, Customer Success Manager

I spend a lot of my day getting under the skin of my customers’ business challenges and day-to-day pain points. I love seeing the different ways Turtl can help overcome these and completely transform what customers can achieve from their digital content. The product has and continues to evolve a huge amount – so I’m incredibly excited to see what the future holds for Turtl and for my customers using it (watch this space!). When I’m not working, you will probably spot me out and about with my sidekick whippet, Sid, who’s never more than 10cm away from me!

Phoebe Walker, Customer Success Manager

I started in a role as a Customer Success Executive, where I did many of the voice-overs for our training videos! I work very closely with our customers from small-to-medium sized businesses, across a whole host of industries. I love helping them re-think the way they’re creating and analyzing their static content, and how shifting to Turtl can bring great value. When I’m not at work, you’ll probably find me on holiday exploring and enjoying the sun 🙂

Shona Adamus, Customer Success Manager

I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences and helping customers to achieve their goals and maximize their success. At Turtl, I love how fast-paced the product is developing and my favorite widget (to date!) is the chart feature, enabling your data to come to life through interactive elements. Outside of work, I’m regularly found searching for the nearest surf spot or at a local climbing crag. With my love of the sea, I enjoy diving deep into customers’ challenges and pride myself on helping navigate turbulent waters with a smile on my face.

Meet the Customer Success Operations team

Katy Smith, Customer Success Operations Manager

Since joining Turtl in 2020, I worked as a CSM before moving into an Ops role. Within Ops, our role is to support CSMs with the data, processes, and systems that help them to do their jobs and make our customers happy. Within the Ops team, we use Turtl daily to build reports and resources that CSMs use to communicate with customers – I could never go back to using PowerPoint or Google Slides to do the same thing now! We’re hooked.

Chloe Denton, Customer Success Operations Executive

I’ve been at Turtl for the past 2 years and what I love most about my role at Turtl is the freedom to build operational processes from scratch, allowing the Customer Success team to work in the most effective way possible. I also work very closely with the Product team to help our team stay up to date with upcoming product releases or changes. When I’m not working, I like being active and enjoy weightlifting and HIIT classes, or you’ll find me on holiday nursing a cold beer!

Hear from our customers

A differentiator for Turtl is that you have humans who don't go away once they've sold you the tech.

Maureen Blandford VP of Marketing, GiveSmart

The innovative spirit and people approach at Turtl really do come across. To work with this kind of team is fantastic for us!

William Geldart Marketing Manager, BPS World

It's not just the product on offer here - the Customer Success team at Turtl is the most engaged and supportive I've ever seen from a tech vendor. They're really hands on!

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