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09 Apr 2024

Content data: The secret weapon of RevOps

09 Apr 202415589

Why does RevOps needs data from content?...

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26 Mar 2024

So long, third-party tracking. Hello, first-party data.

26 Mar 20247419

Why first-party data is everything now...

04 Mar 2024

Optimizing the MQL

04 Mar 202414465

In this guide, we cover everything from lead scoring and nurture programs to captur...

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28 Feb 2024

How content marketers use data to tell better stories

28 Feb 202413940

Does data help marketers spin more effective yarns?...

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19 Feb 2024

Data-driven marketing trends to prepare for in 2024

19 Feb 202413743

Get the scoop on the hottest data-driven marketing trends of 2024. Can you guess wh...

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14 Feb 2024

9 key business benefits of lead generation

14 Feb 202413459

Lead generation is the heartbeat that pumps leads through the sales funnel - keepin...

13 Feb 2024

Mastering Analytics: 5 metrics to better content decisions

13 Feb 202413722

Join us as we explore how our customers use five simple engagement and intent metri...

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12 Feb 2024

Modern lead generation for financial services + better results

12 Feb 202413518

Collecting first-party data gives you more control over lead quality. See why....

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05 Feb 2024

Why whitepaper PDFs are problematic

05 Feb 202413044

Whitepaper PDFs are on their way out. Find out why digital whitepapers are the futu...

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31 Jan 2024

What is outbound lead generation? 9 essential strategies

31 Jan 202413076

Is outbound lead generation old news? Short answer: no....

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29 Jan 2024

9 best B2B intent data providers in 2024

29 Jan 202412871

Intent data providers are the windows to leads' souls. Find out how 1st, 2nd, and 3...

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18 Jan 2024

How to promote a lead magnet to pump up conversions

18 Jan 202412818

Good lead magnet promotion rockets reads & leads. Find best-practice advice for how...