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Future trends of content marketing report

14 Feb 2024

Future trends in content marketing 2024

14 Feb 202413602

With wide-reaching technological advances and faltering market conditions, we wante...

various vintage objects, a telephone, a radio and a TV

11 Jan 2024

Omnichannel personalization: Engage channels with data

11 Jan 202412593

See how data powers personalization and engagement between channels....

a cute robot

27 Dec 2023

Why your content needs data-driven personalization

27 Dec 202312415

Everything's better with data. Personalized content thrives from it....

two kids racing in toy cars

15 Sep 2023

Standout email marketing examples from our inboxes this year

15 Sep 2023824

The very best emails we’ve seen so far this year, and exactly why they're so good...

man on phone at desk

21 Mar 2023

How to get internal communications right for burned-out employees

21 Mar 20238538

According to a recent mental health survey, 75% of people have experienced burnout ...

02 Nov 2022

Easy ways to guarantee your digital newsletter gets read

02 Nov 20228360

Digital newsletters can act as a key line of communication for almost every busines...

26 Oct 2022

Modular content: What it is and how your team can benefit

26 Oct 20228348

It seems like every creative industry has been flirting with the idea of going modu...

05 Oct 2022

7 reasons to use digital brochures as an alternative to print

05 Oct 20228299

Let’s be honest, physical print brochures either end up in the recycling....

01 Sep 2022

The facts about emotions in B2B decision-making

01 Sep 20228224

When you make a decision do you lead with your head or your heart? ...

11 Jul 2022

Turtl Labs: the science of personalization

11 Jul 20223706

Richard Chataway, Behavioral Scientist and CEO at BVA Nudge Unit UK, and Nick Mason...

01 Jun 2022

2022’s top 3 digital marketing trends found in content insights

01 Jun 20227874

It’s not always easy to decode digital marketing trends and see what is working f...

25 May 2022

Turtl’s deepest data dive into personalized B2B experiences

25 May 20227858

Standing out can be difficult. Personalization cuts through digital noise for great...