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Dive into the science of effective communications to unleash your digital documents’ full potential – and leave a lasting impact.

04 Mar 2024

Optimizing the MQL

04 Mar 202414465

In this guide, we cover everything from lead scoring and nurture programs to captur...

Future trends of content marketing report

14 Feb 2024

Future trends in content marketing 2024

14 Feb 202413602

With wide-reaching technological advances and faltering market conditions, we wante...

Lead gen guide featured image

22 Jan 2024

What’s lead generation? A complete guide for marketers

22 Jan 202412550

Lead generation: what is it, why is it important, and how do you do it? Find answer...

09 Nov 2023

Marketing channels to generate and capture demand

09 Nov 202312022

Your in-depth guide to the core digital channels you should activate in your omnich...

03 Nov 2023

Decision-making and behavioral psychology in B2B marketing

03 Nov 202312024

Drive decision-making in B2B marketing with behavioral psychology to achieve better...

13 Oct 2023

Performance benchmarks for online documents

13 Oct 202310112

We analyzed more than 28,000 documents of varying lengths – from newsletters to w...

19 Sep 2023

Lumen Research: Turtl Docs vs webpages

19 Sep 20235099

We know Turtl Docs generate more attention and engagement than PDFs. But how do the...

21 Jun 2023

The practical guide to long-form lead generation

21 Jun 202312013

Create engaging long-form content for lead generation that gives you the insights y...

15 Jun 2023

Comparing webpages & Turtl Docs for content performance

15 Jun 20235093

Content optimized for reader engagement powers up your digital content strategy per...

13 Jun 2023

SEO best practice

13 Jun 202312003

Learn how to optimize your Turtl Docs for each step of the search engine process....

19 May 2023

Making your content count

19 May 20235072

Today’s marketers have more money to spend on content—but only 42% believe thei...

03 Apr 2023

Unraveling the power of storytelling

03 Apr 20235973

Unravel the power of stories, and why it is the one science every brand should stud...

woman at desk throwing paper in air

Got a burning ABM issue? Let's fix that....

Girl holding phone and bank card

Find out how to win the fintech content marketing game. Includes best fintech conte...

woman laughing with a phone

Here’s how to crack B2B lead nurturing....

blog image showing a girl pointing at herself

Get our complete guide to B2B personalization and give target companies a tailored ...

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Professional services, listen up. Learn the best ways to generate leads and how to ...

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Strategic Account Executive and SaaS sales whizz David Burcombe explains why market...

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Why does RevOps needs data from content?...

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Ready, aim, fire! We’re talking all things targeted leads. Includes 5 steps to ge...

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Lead generation examples that dramatically increased conversion rates....

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What is lead prospecting, why does it matter, and how do you do it? This guide will...

money in pots with growth shoots coming out of them

Craft stellar content marketing for financial services with our guide. Discover whi...

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10x reader engagement with Turtl’s psychology-led format

The Turtl format uses psychological patterns and principles that align with how we read and retain information. With personalization options, stunning visual layouts, and interactive features, your audience enjoys an optimal content experience when engaging with Turtl Docs.


Complete guide to B2B content marketing

With advice from industry leaders and helpful templates, use our guide to become a content marketing pro. Learn how to create an effective content strategy that helps achieve your business goals.


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Discover our collection of interactive content from leading businesses who publish with Turtl.


The secrets to better lead scoring models

Every business’s lead scoring system needs to be different depending on the industry, scale, and even nature of your service/product.