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Every reader is an opportunity

People spend twice as much time in Turtl Docs vs webpages, and 10x as long compared to PDFs. More engagement means more leads – it’s that simple.


Feed reader-led data into your CRM

Integrate and capture more intent. Trigger marketing automation for enhanced lead scoring, nurture programs, and foolproof follow-ups.

How to generate more leads with Turtl


Create content optimized for the reader experience

Use the Turtl Doc format, designed around the principles of behavioral psychology, to ensure your readers are consistently engaged and interacting with your content.


Select templates aligned to buyer needs

Long form content is essential for B2B buying journeys. From whitepapers to brochures and case studies, our templates are designed to match every stage of your funnel.


Make it interactive!

Bring your documents to life with live charts, videos, chatbots and polls, providing more opportunities for readers to engage with your content.


Capture every opportunity

Gate your content at any stage in Turtl Docs. Use chatbots and forms to send leads directly to your CRM or marketing automation system.


Grow pipeline with sharper insights.

Go beyond PDF downloads and page views to generate detailed reader intent data. Identify your best prospects, inform lead scoring models and trigger follow-up actions.


Remove the guesswork from content performance

Understand how your content is performing against industry benchmarks. Continuously improve the performance of your content with Turtl’s AI-driven recommendations.

Lead generation for companies of all sizes

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increase in marketing-qualified leads

Giving Redstor's content the Turtl treatment resulted in more marketing-qualified leads

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increase in global lead generation

Driving new business with increased lead generation raised the profile of content's role

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more leads generated with interactive content

Informa doubled the number of leads recieved with Turtl's flexible gating options

Hear from our customers

Turtl wins hands down. And it’s not just PDF. It’s PPT too. These are old tech and Turtl is a much better way of doing things. It’s more engaging both to read and create. It saves costs and the analytics are invaluable.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

The backend for data and the analytics have been huge for us. To be able to track different users, downloads, reads, and views gives us insight into our audience and our potential clients which has been hugely beneficial to our sales team.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

As a graphic designer and Adobe disciple I had reservations about using Turtl to replace the usual method of producing PDF’s for online use, thinking it would be too ‘design restrictive’ due to its simplicity. A few Docs later, I was converted! For over a year, it’s been my lead tool for creating fast interactive content which enables us to fully engage with our target audience.

Mark Russell

Graphic Designer, ManpowerGroup

Before we would be subjective about what it was like, we’d decide if it was good or not. We don’t need to do that because we can see in plain sight how that content is performing. That data is vital. If we see something isn’t performing to our benchmarks, we can change it and we can change it mid-campaign.

Darren Carter

Marketing Manager, Morgan Sindall

It’s the first thing on our summit website - we get sign-ups, we generate leads, and we can understand on the backend who’s reading it and for how long through Turtl’s analytics.

Travis Jaggers

Digital Marketing Lead, Veeva Systems


Why use a Turtl Doc instead of PDF for lead generation?

PDFs aren’t designed for the digital world: they are static, difficult to read on mobile devices, and don’t offer meaningful usage metrics. Turtl Docs offer an experience optimized for digital reading, proven to be 10x more engaging than PDFs. They also provide in-depth analytics on how readers consume and interact with digital content, generating the insights you need to identify and qualify more leads.

Can I use Turtl Docs as lead magnets?

Lead magnets offer something of value to your audience in exchange for their contact details. Turtl Docs are an ideal format for B2B lead magnets, such as white papers, ebooks and guides, because they offer a more engaging and memorable reader experience. Browse our Turtl content types.

What gating options does Turtl have for my content?

If you’d like to gate your content, you can choose a native Turtl form or embed one from your CRM or marketing automation system. Gates can be set as optional soft gates or compulsory hard gates – at any point in your Turtl Doc. Read more about gating.

How does Turtl help with lead scoring?

Lead scoring models use online behavior to identify the leads most likely to buy. Turtl offers deeper readers analytics around content interests and interactions. Our reader intent data is available in the Turtl platform or can be pushed into your CRM to make lead scoring more accurate and reliable. Read more about lead scoring with Turtl.

Does Turtl integrate with tools used for lead generation?

Easily connect Turtl with leading CRMs and marketing automation tools to capture, centralize and automate lead generation activity. Turtl integrates with leading CRM and marketing automation tools including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo.

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