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17 Apr 2024

The Future of SaaS Sales: The Inside Take

17 Apr 202415521

Strategic Account Executive and SaaS sales whizz David Burcombe explains why market...

pile of dollar bills

09 Apr 2024

Content data: The secret weapon of RevOps

09 Apr 202415589

Why does RevOps needs data from content?...

04 Mar 2024

Optimizing the MQL

04 Mar 202414465

In this guide, we cover everything from lead scoring and nurture programs to captur...

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07 Feb 2024

Leads vs prospects: What’s the difference?

07 Feb 202413395

Leads and prospects need two different types of communication....

realtor standing in front of a row of houses

16 Jan 2024

14 Real estate lead generation ideas with proven success

16 Jan 202412517

Generate more real estate leads, sell more homes and list more properties....

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02 Aug 2023

How to master the B2B sales process in 2023

02 Aug 20236845

Today’s B2B buyers don’t make decisions by simply looking at prices and reviews...

a salesman surrounded by dollars

28 Jun 2023

Master your sales game: The power of pipeline management

28 Jun 20238701

A study by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association shows com...

Feature image for Turtl pillar post called Creating digital brochures All you need to know

08 Jun 2023

Creating digital brochures: All you need to know

08 Jun 20232764

Your prospects don’t have the time to sift through hefty PDFs. Showcase your cont...

Feature image for Turtl pillar post called Sales collateral: All you need to know

04 Apr 2023

Sales collateral: Meaning, types & best practices

04 Apr 20232661

What kinds do you need to progress your sales process? Find out more about common t...

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16 Nov 2022

Marketing development representative: Keys for success

16 Nov 20228378

We know about SDRs, but what about MDRs?...

26 Oct 2022

Modular content: What it is and how your team can benefit

26 Oct 20228348

It seems like every creative industry has been flirting with the idea of going modu...