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Marketers struggle to understand what ‘good’ looks like for long-form content.

Turtl shares performance insights by comparing your content to documents created by teams across your company and industry. Turtl Benchmarks help you close previously invisible performance gaps and know how your Docs are doing.

Bounce rate

Read time

Conversion rate

Data-driven suggestions boost results

Turtl has the data to return the deepest understanding of how users read and interact with digital documents.

Using this dataset, Turtl is able to provide in-app tips and recommendations to boost your Doc’s performance.

Insights spin flywheels 

Turtl equips and prompts you to improve reader action across awareness, engagement, conversion and delight stages.

Our content insights help teams collaborate and share critical reader intelligence to drive and sustain more business.

  • Layouts: Use optimal layouts, headlines and styles to create a seamless and eye-catching reading experience.
  • Messaging: Support the reader journey with structured content and the right amount of text on each page.
  • Visuals: Choose images and videos that hook readers, and have the quantity and quality of visuals to keep them engaged.
  • Interactivity: Automatically generate interactive elements, like polls and quotes, to deliver a two-way reading experience.

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Performance benchmarks for online documents

We analyzed more than 28,000 documents of varying lengths – from newsletters to white papers – to see how effectively they performed. Compare the performance of your content to our benchmarks to identify opportunities for improvement.



Understand and improve content performance with clear data and insights to act on.


Learn more, do more

Connect digital content built in Turtl with your tech stack to harmonize workflows and centralize valuable insights across sources.


B2B data-driven marketing

Learn all about B2B data-driven marketing and how it transforms business performance. We've even included some real-life examples for you to peruse!

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