Turtl Docs vs. Webpages

We know Turtl Docs generate more attention and engagement than PDFs.

This time, we asked Lumen Research to pit the Turtl Doc against another heavyweight. The webpage.


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Team around a desk in a meeting with Turtl analytics shown on a laptop

16th January 2024

Fresh features: Turtl Benchmarks


Product updates

Use more than 35 billion datapoints to see your content stacks up against Docs across your team, in your industry, and around the globe. With Turtl Benchmarks, it's easier than ever to identify and close previously invisible performance gaps.

16th March 2023

Fresh features: Surf page formatting


Product updates

Say goodbye to HTML - Turtl users can now format, hyperlink, and personalize the text on Surf pages with just a few clicks. It's easier than ever to maximize the impact of your content!

27th February 2023

Fresh features: Introducing Teams


Product updates

Teams is a brand-new functionality that allows the different business units, functions, and groups within your organization to use Turtl side-by-side, while maintaining full control over their own Users, Workspaces, Docs, subscription, and other key settings.

24th January 2023

Fresh features: Immerse page templates


Product updates

Ready-made free templates are here to get you building amazing content faster!

3rd November 2022

Fresh features: Updates to User Roles


Product updates

Turtl has now introduced separate Tenant permissions and Workspace Roles, allowing you to grant access to specific functionalities (branding and integrations, for example) for team members.

27th October 2022

Fresh features: Editor usability improvements


Product updates

We’ve updated Turtl’s editor with a series of functionality improvements to make the creation and editing of Turtl Docs more efficient, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

26th September 2022

Fresh features: Turtl templates


Product updates

To help teams speed up content production, while keeping branding locked down, Turtl now offers a series of ready-made Turtl Doc templates.

man looking excitedly at a computer

30th September 2021

Personalization API brings flexibility and scale to B2B content


Product updates

Today, Turtl announced the launch of its personalization API. The API extends the platform’s existing personalization capabilities. In other words, personalized content can be produced with unprecedented flexibility, on-demand, and at scale.

27th September 2021

Turtl raises $17m from Octopus Ventures in content revolution


Company updates

London/Boston – Last week, Turtl announced a raise of $17m in Series A funding from leading European venture firm Octopus Ventures. The investment follows record revenue growth, the development of a sizable US footprint, and multiple internationally recognized enterprise customer wins.

a happy man playing air guitar

21st July 2021

Turtl and Drift together, for an unmatched customer experience


Company updates

Turtl and Drift combine to offer a content and customer experience like no other.


30th June 2021

Plastic Free July sees Turtl partner with Ocean Generation


Company updates

London/Boston – Turtl is the enterprising content automation platform. Ocean Generation is the global charity addressing Ocean threats through science and storytelling. Today, they have announced a partnership for Plastic Free July, launching a campaign that uses content to reduce Ocean plastic.

wooden person walking up steps

20th October 2020

Turtl launches personalization at scale


Product updates

London, UK: Today, Turtl, the enterprise content automation platform, announced the launch of a new personalization module. This module enables rapid customizations at scale, based on individual recipient interests and needs.

25th May 2020

Turtl joins the HubSpot App Marketplace


Company updates

May 25, Boston – Today, Turtl announced that it is now listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace. App Partners are independent software vendors. They have built an integration with HubSpot and have been accepted to the App Marketplace.

29th April 2020

Turtl and WP Engine take digital content marketing to the next level


Company updates

WP Engine Inc is implementing digital content marketing platform Turtl, in a bid to continuously level up its digital content marketing across the firm. Turtl will work with WP Engine to enhance its content marketing strategy.

20th November 2019

Turtl’s 2019 Immerse Awards – Winners & Judges


Company updates

We had one major goal in launching the first-ever Immerse Awards this year – to show off what people do in Turtl.

6th June 2019

Turtl celebrates 5-year anniversary


Company updates

Today Turtl celebrates half a decade as a MarTech pioneer. Over the last 5 years, Turtl has partnered with the likes of Cisco, Allianz GI, and Baker McKenzie. Together we shake up content marketing by challenging some fundamental industry assumptions.

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