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Woman reading from an iPad

20 Nov 2023

Turtl audience engagement study: Turtl + Nielsen + Lumen Research

20 Nov 202312083

Making content is hard. How do you engage an audience? Our study gives a solid foun...

03 Nov 2023

Decision-making and behavioral psychology in B2B marketing

03 Nov 202312024

Drive decision-making in B2B marketing with behavioral psychology to achieve better...

How to use digital content to judge buyer intent and influence B2B decisions, webinar cover

16 Aug 2023

How to use digital content to judge buyer intent and influence B2B decisions

16 Aug 20233673

We review how we can use content formats and psychology to read our prospect's mind...

a happy man with a typewriter

26 Jul 2023

Conversion copywriting 101: Grab your free guide

26 Jul 20239345

Conversion copywriting is the commercial golden child of marketing; high-performing...

19 May 2023

Making your content count

19 May 20235072

Today’s marketers have more money to spend on content—but only 42% believe thei...

03 Apr 2023

Unraveling the power of storytelling

03 Apr 20235973

Unravel the power of stories, and why it is the one science every brand should stud...

08 Mar 2023

5 ways to improve thought leadership – with examples

08 Mar 20238500

Simon Lord is VP of marketing at Turtl. Here, Simon gives us best practice advice f...

17 Feb 2023

The future of digital storytelling

17 Feb 20238480

B2B marketing often feels like an industry in which emotional value is secondary to...

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10 Jan 2023

7 best B2B marketing campaign ideas of all time

10 Jan 20238436

Great marketing campaign ideas are rare. Great B2B marketing campaigns are even rar...

17 Aug 2022

5 of the best underrated marketing strategies in 2022

17 Aug 20228206

In the world of marketing strategies, does the much-loved underdog story work?...

10 Aug 2022

Using behavioral economics to power your marketing strategies

10 Aug 20228082

Behavioral economics helps to explain “irrational” consumer behavior - like spe...

man paying attention

25 Jul 2022

Content research holds the key to grabbing (and holding) your audiences’ attention

25 Jul 20228011

We thought now would be a good time to share our top scientific insights for engagi...