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04 Mar 2024

Optimizing the MQL

04 Mar 202414465

In this guide, we cover everything from lead scoring and nurture programs to captur...

13 Feb 2024

Mastering Analytics: 5 metrics to better content decisions

13 Feb 202413722

Join us as we explore how our customers use five simple engagement and intent metri...

18 Jan 2024

Convert and Perform: Using Turtl’s PDF Importer

18 Jan 202413002

Start the year with a spring in your step... and a spring in your engagement. Our t...

09 Jan 2024

Innovation: A New Year with Nick

09 Jan 202412725

Join Nick Mason, our Founder and CEO, as he discusses his predictions for 2024 and ...

What's data-led marketing?

09 Jan 2024

What’s B2B data-driven marketing? (+ benefits & examples)

09 Jan 202412468

Using data is the difference between B2B marketing that hits or misses. ...


04 Jan 2024

13 types of demand generation campaigns for success

04 Jan 202412417

Demand generation creates company hype so leads come filing in – without any chas...

a space rocket taking off

02 Jan 2024

What’s the optimal demand generation team structure?

02 Jan 202412412

This team will help your brand build demand, measure it, and continuously improve....

demand generation is best led by data

14 Dec 2023

What’s demand generation marketing? [+ Data-led strategies]

14 Dec 202312257

Demand gen content is best led by data. Here's why. ...

Person smiling with a measurement tape

04 Dec 2023

11 demand generation metrics that measure success

04 Dec 202312251

Great demand generation campaigns get all the right attention. Includes 11 metrics ...

09 Nov 2023

Marketing channels to generate and capture demand

09 Nov 202312022

Your in-depth guide to the core digital channels you should activate in your omnich...

three kitchen funnels

03 Nov 2023

How to create an effective demand generation funnel

03 Nov 202311427

Your demand generation funnel needs content that attracts and engages - and also de...

demand gen and lead gen together

27 Oct 2023

Marrying demand gen & lead gen strategies

27 Oct 20238413

Our Turtl webinar on marrying demand gen and lead gen strategies covers how to use ...

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