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Future trends of content marketing report

14 Feb 2024

Future trends in content marketing 2024

14 Feb 202413602

With wide-reaching technological advances and faltering market conditions, we wante...

13 Oct 2023

Performance benchmarks for online documents

13 Oct 202310112

We analyzed more than 28,000 documents of varying lengths – from newsletters to w...

19 Sep 2023

Lumen Research: Turtl Docs vs webpages

19 Sep 20235099

We know Turtl Docs generate more attention and engagement than PDFs. But how do the...

15 Jun 2023

Comparing webpages & Turtl Docs for content performance

15 Jun 20235093

Content optimized for reader engagement powers up your digital content strategy per...

19 May 2023

Making your content count

19 May 20235072

Today’s marketers have more money to spend on content—but only 42% believe thei...

18 May 2022

Turtl Labs: The data behind personalization

18 May 20225908

We all know content backed by research, science, and psychology performs best... so...

Cover of our guide with a woman reading a guide on an iPad

01 Mar 2022

Demystifying the psychology of attention

01 Mar 20225870

Your complete guide to winning more of your audience's precious time. ...

25 Nov 2020

Lumen Research: PDF vs. Turtl

25 Nov 20205898

A scientific study of the impact of format on reader engagement finds Turtl Docs ou...

10 Sep 2019

Forrester opportunity snapshot: Interactive content experiences

10 Sep 201911964

Interactive content experiences help marketers better understand buyers, cultivate ...