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13th February 2023
Author: Lia Young
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Another day, another Turtl Teardown

This time, Nick Mason (Founder, CEO, and Chief Storytelling Officer here at Turtl) reviews a new report, Winning in Green Markets, published by the World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Group.

There are some real gems of insight in this particular report, but decisions around format and layout mean these insights can be buried.

In summary:

🖨 The report is screaming to be printed out: A report on this topic (green markets) should be in a format that encourages reading on screen, rather than in print format.

🔎 Hard to read digitally: Endless scrolling? Pinching and zooming? It’s painful to read on a computer, and nearly impossible on a mobile device.

📍 Chunked-up sections: Once a reader is in the document, there’s no navigation bar. It’s difficult to don’t know where you are within the document and where to head next.

❌ Walls of text: Avoid dry wastelands of text without any images to invite the reader in. Studies have shown that written information paired with relevant visuals is more memorable, persuasive, and easily understood.

🗳 A lack of interactivity: A poll would take readers from being a passive reader to an active one. It creates a two-way communication between the publisher and the reader.

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