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magnet attracting coins

18 Jan 2024

How to promote a lead magnet to pump up conversions

18 Jan 202412818

Good lead magnet promotion rockets reads & leads. Find best-practice advice for how...

realtor standing in front of a row of houses

16 Jan 2024

14 Real estate lead generation ideas with proven success

16 Jan 202412517

Generate more real estate leads, sell more homes and list more properties....

16 Jan 2024

Top of the Docs: Edition 4

16 Jan 202412867

Check out the very best Docs made by the Turtl Community in the fourth edition of T...

various vintage objects, a telephone, a radio and a TV

11 Jan 2024

Omnichannel personalization: Engage channels with data

11 Jan 202412593

See how data powers personalization and engagement between channels....

09 Jan 2024

Innovation: A New Year with Nick

09 Jan 202412725

Join Nick Mason, our Founder and CEO, as he discusses his predictions for 2024 and ...

What's data-led marketing?

09 Jan 2024

What’s B2B data-driven marketing? (+ benefits & examples)

09 Jan 202412468

Using data is the difference between B2B marketing that hits or misses. ...


04 Jan 2024

13 types of demand generation campaigns for success

04 Jan 202412417

Demand generation creates company hype so leads come filing in – without any chas...

a space rocket taking off

02 Jan 2024

What’s the optimal demand generation team structure?

02 Jan 202412412

This team will help your brand build demand, measure it, and continuously improve....

remote control pointing at a smart TV

29 Dec 2023

How and why omnichannel marketing works

29 Dec 202312410

Use data for consistent messaging, visuals and experiences across all channels....

a cute robot

27 Dec 2023

Why your content needs data-driven personalization

27 Dec 202312415

Everything's better with data. Personalized content thrives from it....

man making money gesture with hands

20 Dec 2023

How to get lead generation pricing right (+ examples, benchmarks + formulas)

20 Dec 202312403

Lead generation pricing demystified. We cover everything....

woman at desk being mentored by a man

18 Dec 2023

8 Lead generation tactics for technology companies

18 Dec 202312392

Discover 8 lead-gen SaaS tactics and get tips from our in-house experts. ...