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data driven marketing trends blog thumbnail

19 Feb 2024

Data-driven marketing trends to prepare for in 2024

19 Feb 202413743

Get the scoop on the hottest data-driven marketing trends of 2024. Can you guess wh...

Future trends of content marketing report

14 Feb 2024

Future trends in content marketing 2024

14 Feb 202413602

With wide-reaching technological advances and faltering market conditions, we wante...

woman gesturing

14 Feb 2024

9 key business benefits of lead generation

14 Feb 202413459

Lead generation is the heartbeat that pumps leads through the sales funnel - keepin...

13 Feb 2024

Mastering Analytics: 5 metrics to better content decisions

13 Feb 202413722

Join us as we explore how our customers use five simple engagement and intent metri...

photo of a bag of dollar bills

12 Feb 2024

Modern lead generation for financial services + better results

12 Feb 202413518

Collecting first-party data gives you more control over lead quality. See why....

child shrugging

07 Feb 2024

Leads vs prospects: What’s the difference?

07 Feb 202413395

Leads and prospects need two different types of communication....

Man shying away from a PDF

05 Feb 2024

Why whitepaper PDFs are problematic

05 Feb 202413044

Whitepaper PDFs are on their way out. Find out why digital whitepapers are the futu...

outbound lead gen blog feature image

31 Jan 2024

What is outbound lead generation? 9 essential strategies

31 Jan 202413076

Is outbound lead generation old news? Short answer: no....

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29 Jan 2024

9 best B2B intent data providers in 2024

29 Jan 202412871

Intent data providers are the windows to leads' souls. Find out how 1st, 2nd, and 3...

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24 Jan 2024

15 B2B content marketing trends for 2024

24 Jan 202412937

We’ve sifted through popular predictions and put together the content marketing t...

Lead gen guide featured image

22 Jan 2024

What’s lead generation? A complete guide for marketers

22 Jan 202412550

Lead generation: what is it, why is it important, and how do you do it? Find answer...

18 Jan 2024

Convert and Perform: Using Turtl’s PDF Importer

18 Jan 202413002

Start the year with a spring in your step... and a spring in your engagement. Our t...