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Create superior content experiences

The importance of customer experience is no secret to tech companies. From handbooks and proposals to research reports and digital magazines, use Turtl’s dynamic, science-based format to elevate the experience of your content and make a bigger impact.

Capture contacts and map stakeholders

Improve your lead generation, spot engaged readers and identify unknown decision-makers by controlling access to your docs. Apply soft or hard gates at any stage of the content piece to capture reader information and track individual behavior.

Cut costs and simplify content delivery

Give your teams the freedom to create interactive on-brand content in-house, without the need for costly design or development support. Create easily customizable templates for ABM and sales collateral, freeing up resources for teams to focus on high-value activities.

Better understand who you’re talking to

Turtl’s analytics reveal how readers interact with each chapter of a document, allowing you to see which thought leadership topics or aspects of your proposal are of greatest interest to readers. Use this insight to improve content and sales conversations so you win more business.

Use Turtl across your business

Turtl’s versatile format is ideal for use cases across business functions, from whitepapers, proposals, and reports, through to newsletters, handbooks, and QBR documentation.


Drive higher engagement and more leads through premium interactive content created in-house, and take a data-driven approach to your content, campaign and ABM strategies.


Track how stakeholders read your proposals, simplify the production of sales collateral and create centralized, live-updated sales playbooks for reps and partners.

People teams

Recruit and retain top talent, foster an empowered company culture, and engage your workforce with interactive digital documents that provide invaluable insights.

Explore content types

Online magazines

Sales proposals

Research reports

Product guides

Interactive ebooks

Event materials

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Discover what you can do with Turtl to help you reach your targets.

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