Why create research reports in Turtl?

Turtl’s psychology-led format makes complex topics and extensive data analysis more accessible for readers.

Showcase your findings with interactive media to hold attention, solidify understanding, and improve information recall. Content data and flexible gating options help capture more leads, harmonious tech integrations feed these directly into your CRM.


reader engagement


positive brand sentiment


lead generation

Quick to create

Drag-and-drop editor and templates accelerate production

Increase engagement

Scientifically proven to outperform static content and webpages

Lead nurturing

Monitor leads generated and identify high-intent opportunities for effective follow-up campaigns

Interactive features

Include dynamic charts and graphs to aid data visualization

Personalize at scale

Serve personalized content to add relevance to every reader

Actionable insights

Track engagement to continually improve content performance

Powerful integrations

Capture, centralize, and track every opportunity

Device responsive

Accommodate your readership’s device preferences and increase reach potential

Why Turtl?

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increase in readership

AIG Life increased content reach by 350% and reached average read times of over 5 minutes

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increase in global lead generation

Frost & Sullivan used Turtl to prove content's influence on the bottom line to internal stakeholders

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of readers signed up through Turtl

Kantar's Worldpanel Division converted 1 in 3 readers into leads and uncovered critical content insights

Trusted by businesses of all sizes

How to transform your research reports with Turtl


Lock down your branding

Use your style guidelines to create a customized theme that reflects your branding. Keep every research report on-brand – whoever makes it!


Time to start creating

Jump into the editor and begin creating your research report. Start from scratch or, if you need a little inspiration, use one of Turtl’s data-backed template designs to get you started.


Add in interactivity

Add dynamic charts, graphs, videos, and polls to present data and complex information in a visually compelling way. Interactive features keep readers immersed in your findings for longer.


Ready to share your research

Hit ‘publish‘, choose a URL, tweak privacy settings, and share your research report across channels. Why not try using the Turtl Flippy GIF to boost click-through rates?


Track engagement then iterate

Turtl’s Analytics measures the performance of your research report. Uncover sticky topics, which charts your readers explore, or where they might be getting stuck.


Generate, nurture and manage leads

Use flexible gating at any point in a Turtl Doc, set triggers for lead scoring models, and see intent in your dashboard. Integrate to centralize data and automate scalable workflows up and down your pipeline.

Hear from our customers

With the results we’ve seen from our flagship paper, we’ll be looking to adopt Turtl for all our reports in the future.

Benjamin Cawthray

Global Thought Leadership Director, Kantar Worldpanel Division

We actually use Turtl’s analytics to tailor our meetings with clients. If someone has spent a long time reading the report we sent them, the meeting will be more of a discussion. If we see that they’ve barely glanced at it, we know we’ll have to put in extra effort and prep work.

Jane Geiger

Global Client Lead, EI Advisory

Utilizing Turtl has allowed us to distribute and track one of our biggest annual projects. Providing back-end data analytics and user habits has allowed us to improve our annual report year over year. We look forward to further amplifying our annual project in various ways using more Turtl document features in the future.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

As Turtl’s first-ever customer, I have utilized the platform within 4 different businesses. It’s an absolute game-changer in terms of content production, reader engagement, and gaining useful, actionable insights. I can’t recommend Turtl enough.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

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How can I use digital research reports in Turtl as a lead magnet?

Turtl is primed to create content that performs across your pipeline and can be used to create successful lead magnets. Understand what your audience wants to learn, use flexible gating options, and integrate with your existing tools to support event-based triggers for lead-scoring models. 

Find out how to use Turtl to create lead magnets to generate more high-quality leads.

Do I need to be a designer or coder to create digital research reports in Turtl?

Nope! Turtl is a performance-led content tool. Our intuitive editor has been designed to empower everybody – regardless of their design or coding skills – to create designer-quality interactive research reports.

Why use Turtl instead of PDF for my digital research report?

Want a better metric than ‘number of downloads’? We thought so. PDFs are over 20 years old and designed for analog, Turtl is built for digital. As an alternative to the PDF, Turtl is based on the science of reading. Turtl offers readers a richer experience and provides users with actionable insights, such as reads, sign-ups, and average read times.

Is Turtl mobile-friendly?

Yes. Turtl Docs are fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop.

Preview desktop and mobile views before you hit publish. Choose different layouts or hide/show content for devices in the Turtl editor.

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