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How people teams use Turtl

Human resources

Sending out sensitive information? Set access controls before you publish your doc and limit who can see your content at a company, team, or individual level.

Talent acquisition

Capture top talent with interactive recruitment packs and monitor their engagement throughout the recruitment process to minimize drop-off risk.

Learning and development

Provide immersive training documentation with multimedia features to 10x employee engagement, empower the learning experience, and improve information recall.

Internal comms and employer branding

Create remarkable company and employee handbooks. Turtl’s high-performance digital documents 5x positive brand sentiment.

Rewards and benefits

Build a master doc explaining your company’s compensation packages and then use Turtl’s Personalization Engine to deliver the right information to the right employees.

Diversity and inclusion

Prioritize equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace by producing accessible content with Turtl’s automatic accessibility features.

Hear from our customers

Turtl is a joy to use. For someone who has no design or marketing experience, I have been amazed at how easy it is to develop professional-looking resources very quickly. It is intuitive so that often you don’t need to use the tutorials but when you do they are engaging and informative. Love it.

Karen Shaw

Physical Activity Senior Officer, Mind

It's nice to put something different out there which is interactive and fun. Personally, I like differentiating between surf and immerse pages when I send out links of what someone should read. And I know our MIP team enjoy crafting personalization quizzes to boost interaction and capture data.

As a graphic designer and Adobe disciple I had reservations about using Turtl to replace the usual method of producing PDF’s for online use, thinking it would be too ‘design restrictive’ due to its simplicity. A few Docs later, I was converted! For over a year, it’s been my lead tool for creating fast interactive content which enables us to fully engage with our target audience.

Mark Russell

Graphic Designer, ManpowerGroup

How Turtl transforms employee engagement

Create memorable content experiences

Turtl applies psychological patterns and principles of how we read and retain information. The format is proven to 10x engagement when compared to PDF and more than twice as much as web pages. Turtl’s interactive, unique format delivers an outstanding content experience. Strengthen bonds across the workforce and bring your company brand, culture, opportunities, and values to life.

Quick to create and update

Turtl’s drag-and-drop editor, library of templates, and ready-made branding help communications teams produce content 90% faster. Turtl’s browser-based format means live documents can be updated in real-time. Whether it’s a typo, revised terminology, or reimagined chapter, any changes will be waiting for your readers when they next open your Turtl Doc.

Globally accessible and inclusive

Turtl Docs are designed to be brain-friendly, inclusive, and accessible. All Turtl Docs have an accessible version that is compliant with ADA and WCAG 2.1 AA regulations. Readers can also change the language of the document they are reading, so your content can speak to a global workforce. 

Right colleague, right message

Demonstrate individuals are valued and foster a stronger workplace culture with personalized documents. Tailored content experiences invite engagement, build affinity and are more likely to be read.

Improve with data

Track content performance at document level and reader level, report on the impact of your digital documents, and make updates. Uncover who is reading your documents, how long they were read for, which chapters turn heads – and which ones lose eyes. Anticipate and accommodate workforce priorities and interests to win more attention, build trust, and enhance the overall employee experience.

Explore content types

Onboarding materials

Recruitment packs


Company handbooks

Digital newsletters

Interactive ebooks

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