MarTech guide

BrightGen has hit the bullseye with its sleek Martech Guide.

Breaking from convention, the team has added a simple 3 step navigation guide under the front cover, to make sure their readers get the most from their valuable Doc.

Plus, there’s a quiz to better understand the audience’s level of understanding – engaging for readers, insightful for BrightGen!

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Engaging quiz

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10x engagement with Turtl's psychology-led format

10x reader engagement with Turtl’s psychology led format
The Turtl format uses psychological patterns and principles that align with how we read and retain information. With personalization options, stunning visual layouts, and interactive features, your audience enjoys an optimal content experience when engaging with Turtl Docs.


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With over 30 billion data points, Turtl Benchmarks provides unmatched data benchmarks for your industry - and your content.

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