Brush strokes of Law: Painting the future of Education

Featuring artwork from community-based collaborators, Al Tamimi & Company gives us a masterclass in using Turtl for content that stops us in our tracks.

From the impactful visuals and engaging video interviews to the easy-to-follow page layouts, this newsletter is designed to keep readers hooked. All we can say is: wow!

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Win 84% more attention with personalization

We’re not just talking about swapping a name or logo - with Turtl, you can personalize your content by account, job title, industry, and more. This is proven to generate higher reader engagement.


User-centric content design: relevancy at the right time

Discover the power of user-centric strategies. Unlock seamless user journeys through deeply effective content design.


Content psychology 101

Discover what goes on in your readers' brains and how to make sure your content marketing gets the engagement it deserves.

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