Why switch to Turtl’s interactive recruitment packs?

Rapidly produce personalized job specs, recruitment packs and welcome materials.

Attract the very best talent, and keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process. Use behavioral insights to see how each candidate interacts with the content you share, so you can prioritize follow-up and nurture the best applicants.

Increase engagement

Personalize at scale

Interactive features

Quick to create

An intuitive editor and templates expedite creation

Interactive features

Engage, excite, and inspire with interactivity

Real-time editing

Say goodbye to erroneous, out-of-date materials – instantly

Increase engagement

Proven to outperform webpages and PDFs

Always on-brand

Lock in your branding for a superior experience

Easy personalization

Deepen engagement and promote advocacy

Actionable insights

Monitor candidate engagement to prioritize follow-up

Security and access

Set access controls for confidential digital documents

Why use Turtl?

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more time spent engaging with Turtl vs PDF

A scientific study reveals readers engage with content in Turtl more than the PDF

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increase in positive brand sentiment with Turtl vs PDF

Study finds readers view brands as more "scientific" and "friendly" in Turtl

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more time spent engaging with Turtl vs webpages

Every way we tried it, people spent much longer in Turtl Docs than on webpages

Trusted by businesses of all sizes

How to transform your recruitment packs in 6 steps


Lock down your branding

Style guidelines are hardcoded into your Turtl Docs to keep all your recruitment materials on-brand, delivering a seamless candidate experience.


Time to get creative

Use Turtl’s intuitive editor to begin building recruitment packs. Start from scratch, use a template, or kick things off with a pre-existing PDF.


Add interactivity

Keep your audience reading for longer and create standout recruitment packs with videos, audio, polls, rich imagery, and more. Interactive features are a great way to stir up excitement.


Make it personal

Create personalized recruitment packs to deepen engagement and better connect with candidates. Turtl makes it quick and easy to create tailored content at scale.


Ready to share

Hit ‘publish’, choose a URL, tweak privacy settings, and share recruitment packs with candidates.


Track engagement and iterate

Measure the performance of your recruitment packs with Turtl Analytics. Uncover which candidates are most engaged, who might be losing interest, and where your content might need tweaking.

Hear from our customers

Turtl is a joy to use. For someone who has no design or marketing experience, I have been amazed at how easy it is to develop professional-looking resources very quickly. It is intuitive so that often you don’t need to use the tutorials but when you do they are engaging and informative. Love it.

Karen Shaw

Physical Activity Senior Officer, Mind

There are so many different ways to customize and format Turtl Docs, it’s super easy to use because there are built-in templates that Turtl works with us to create.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

Turtl makes it really easy to create and measure document impact on our audience. As an active user of this platform for the past 2 years, I can testify this is the best way to leverage reader attention.

Sakinatou Seyifou

Digital Marketing Manager, ManpowerGroup

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Can recruitment packs be personalized?

With Turtl, you have the power to effortlessly scale highly personalized content. The platform provides a powerful tool specifically engineered for the quick delivery of customized recruitment materials.

After you’ve meticulously crafted the primary version of your recruitment pack, you can introduce dynamic elements, including text, pages, chapters, images, charts, videos, and tables, by seamlessly incorporating Personalization Tokens into your content. These elements are controlled by rules that dictate the information presented to your readers.

Studies have demonstrated that effective deep personalization can elevate reader engagement by as much as 84%. Dive deeper into the realm of customizing digital documents with Turtl.

How can I track the effectiveness of my recruitment packs?

With Turtl, you can track the effectiveness of your digital recruitment packs and gain valuable reader data and engagement metrics. Turtl provides detailed insights to track how your content is performing, both at the individual reader and document level.

You can analyze metrics, such as average read time, click-through rate, bounce rate, and clicks or interactions with interactive elements, to understand the performance of your content. Quickly identify what your candidates are interested in, which interactive features are driving the most engagement, and where your document might be falling flat.

Why use Turtl instead of PDF for online recruitment packs?

The PDF is over 20 years old. The PDF offers no reader interaction, is not optimized for digital consumption on different devices, and encourages endless scrolling which, as we know, results in less engagement.

As an alternative to the PDF, Turtl is based on the science of reading. Turtl offers readers a richer experience and provides users with actionable insights, such as reads, sign-ups, and average read times. 

Do I need to be a designer, or coder, to create digital recruitment packs in Turtl?

Nope! Turtl is a performance-led content tool. Our intuitive editor has been designed to empower everybody to create amazing interactive recruitment packs, with no design or coding skills needed.

Is Turtl mobile-friendly?

Yes. Turtl Docs are fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop.

See how company recruitment packs transpose using the mobile view in the editor. Choose to show/hide content or tweak layouts specifically for mobile.

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