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How sales teams use Turtl

Sales enablement

Use Turtl’s reader insights to track how your prospects engage with your content and inform follow-ups.

Lead generation

Revenue is built on high-intent leads. Create captivating lead magnets, use flexible gating and use intent signals to iterate strategy.

Account-based marketing

Create branded, personalized content assets in seconds to close-in on prospects and scale, fast.

Content production

Automate the sales content creation process. Anyone can easily create and collaborate on branded, engaging sales collateral.

Hear from our customers

Through Turtl we can easily identify new revenue opportunities and leads which are passed to our sales team. This provides tangible ROI and clear visibility over what impact content is having on the bottom line.

The backend for data and the analytics have been huge for us. To be able to track different users, downloads, reads, and views gives us insight into our audience and our potential clients which has been hugely beneficial to our sales team.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

We used to qualify a content-generated lead, send them to our sales team, and the lead would often have no recollection of the content they originally downloaded. When it's Turtl content they've read, they clearly remember it because it's so different from other formats out there, which helps our sales team in their conversations.

Headshot of Navin Kumar VP Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights

Navin Kumar

Vice President, Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights, Frost & Sullivan

We’ve seen such great results and feedback from our clients that we know that any time that we put into Turtl, comes back 10x in terms of engagement and prospect sales.

Lee Francis

Sales, Marketing, and Partnerships Director, PatientSource

How Turtl transforms sales content

Stand out from inbox clutter

Create dynamic content experiences that increase open rates, click-throughs and subscribers, Turtl wins more attention, Sales win more business.

Rapid content creation

Drag, drop and build impactful branded content, faster. Fire out branded decks and proposals for clients and know they’ll look – and work – better. Get up and running with a free content template and kiss goodbye to late-night turnarounds.

Understand prospect intent

See critical motivators with metrics. Gauge buyer interest, identify key areas of engagement, and tailor outreach based on demonstrated intent.

Tailor for trust

Dynamically update text, images, and interactive elements based on segments, such as interests and challenges, industry, or job role. Turtl empowers sales teams to deliver targeted and relevant content that resonates with each prospect.

Integrate and action conversions

Never miss an opportunity. Turtl integrates seamlessly with CRM systems. Identify warm leads, foster relationships, and accelerate sales cycles. Customized event workflows, triggered engagement alerts and automated content delivery make timely follow-ups certain.

Explore content types

Digital brochures

Sales proposals

Interactive reports

Sales playbook


Interactive ebooks

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