Which types of sales collateral are right for you?

What is sales collateral?

What is sales collateral?

Sales collateral is any kind of document, asset, or content piece designed to help progress the sales process. It can either be internal (collateral that’s used to inform and empower salespeople) or external (materials given to prospects to educate, inform, and convert them into customers).

It’s an essential resource for any effective sales team. But because it can take virtually any form — from informal leave-behind leaflets to deeply-detailed product guides — many sales and sales enablement leaders often struggle to pinpoint exactly what kind of collateral they should be creating.

What kind of sales collateral do you need?

Sales teams have a lot of diverse goals to hit. Different types of collateral can support those goals in different ways. So, when it comes to determining what you need, that really depends on what you’d like to achieve.

Here’s a quick look at how common types of sales collateral can help support some of the department’s biggest objectives.

Sales collateral for deepening customer relationships

Digital brochures

Digital brochures can clearly lay out everything your customers need to know about you and your products. Creating digital counterparts to physical brochures gives your customers greater choice in how they continue their buying journey, and creates opportunities for salespeople to reconnect with prospects.

Interactive ebooks

When you want to give a prospect a better idea of what your organization is all about, interactive ebooks can help you present any kind of in-depth information in an engaging way.

Collateral for sales team empowerment

Prospect information documents

Sales battlecards, campaign briefs, and other internal documents help sales teams get up to speed with customer accounts and opportunities quickly. But to have the right impact, they need to grab and retain salespeople’s attention.

Digital onboarding materials

The faster you can bring a new salesperson up to speed, the sooner they can start driving revenue. With the right digital onboarding materials, you can help them start strong and enable long-term success.

Sales collateral for maximizing conversions

Sales Proposals

Creating proposals is a routine daily task for most sales teams. But that doesn’t mean they need to be generic. By bringing some visual flair to proposals, you can grab attention faster and increases your chances of conversion.


When salespeople present information to prospects, they need their decks and information to be highly relevant to that prospect. Empowered with accessible tools, they can customize presentations with ease, and create bespoke collateral that doesn’t need to be rebuilt every time they want to present it to someone new.

The capabilities you need to master sales collateral creation

Whichever types of sales collateral you choose to create, there are a few core capabilities that can help you create high-value content and resources that get the right results:

  • Easy personalization: Every customer and salesperson needs something slightly different from the collateral you put in front of them. The easier you can make it to personalize and adapt content, the greater results you’ll see from your sales collateral.
  • Engagement tracking: Whatever you create, you need to be able to track its efficacy, see who’s viewing it, and understand what they find most engaging. That will help you learn what customers and salespeople want more of, so you can continuously improve your collateral portfolio.
  • Democratized creation: Sales processes move fast. When someone needs a new piece of collateral, they need the means to create it right away. By democratizing creation you can enables salespeople to build and customize the collateral they need, when they need it.

That’s where Turtl comes in. 

Turtl is built around those capabilities, enabling any sales team to master them almost immediately. To find out more about how Turtl empowers the people responsible for sales enablement, jump into our full sales enablement guide.

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