Why do you need to promote your lead magnet?

Lead magnets act as content ‘bait’ for marketers to obtain lead contact data. They’re also great for increasing brand awareness and generally kickstarting the customer journey. They’re designed to be helpful, informative, and eye-catching to readers, to tempt them to download or access them.

This article will show you how to boost conversions from your lead magnets through some website wizardry, smart social media tactics, and email tips that will get your brain ticking. See it as an espresso for your lead magnet: giving your conversions one BIG boost.

Users are more likely to convert if they feel the decision to engage is driven by them, not you. This is the basis of a solid inbound lead generation strategy.

So, how do you promote a lead magnet effectively? Luckily there are a fair few tried-and-tested techniques that won’t cost the earth, with many mostly requiring time, thought, and energy. Let’s dive straight in.


How to promote your lead magnet on your website

1. First things first, close the gate!

Put your useful gated content behind an opt-in form. Keep lead capture forms short and ask for only essential information, reducing friction.

When visitors want to access these resources, they’ll need to provide their contact information – we’d recommend just asking for details like name, role, and company to make the exchange feel less invasive.
HubSpot does this well with its annual State of Marketing Report

Hubspot content gate form

3. Write a blog post about it

Showcase your lead magnet with an accompanying blog post. Offer context on why you created this particular lead magnet in the first place. Set the scene for your readers that puts the spotlight on their pain points or needs, and how your lead magnet helps solve these.

2. Use a dedicated landing page with compelling call-to-actions (CTAs)

Provide a clear and concise description of what your lead magnet offers, along with action-oriented CTAs to encourage sign-ups. On this page, make sure to  communicate the content’s  value to the user. Also, ensure your landing page is user-friendly, visually appealing and easy to navigate.
As an example, here’s the landing page for our webinars. After we hook readers with our webinars’ value proposition in the byline, we follow it up with individual gated webinar pages that have clear CTAs.

Webinars landing page

4. Feature it on your About page

This tends to be a high-traffic page. Use this to your advantage by promoting your lead magnet here.

5. Employ exit-intent pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups appear when visitors show signs of leaving your site. Use a time-limited offer for your lead magnet so they stick around.

6. Use in-line opt-in forms

Integrate in-line lead capture forms directly into your content. Place them strategically at relevant points to capture leads who are actively engaged with your content. A lot of marketers include these in the middle of a particularly meaty chapter or at the very end of the magnet (once you’ve given all the value).

7. Create high-vis banners

Eye-catching banners & pop-ups get attention on your lead magnet. Include them on homepages or key landing pages. – and make sure they’re easy to spot with clear text and imagery that’s not overly intrusive.

Another Turtl example, you say? Go on then…

Turtl newsletter sign-up

8. Display social proof

Showcase testimonials, reviews, or statistics related to your lead magnet’s value on the landing page. Positive customer feedback works wonders to promote lead magnets – social proof boosts trust and convinces visitors to sign up.

9. Implement A/B testing

Continuously test different variations of your lead magnet promotion elements, including headlines, CTA buttons, and imagery. This will help you refine your lead generation tactics and strategy for maximum conversions.

10. Use pop-ups after scrolling

Trigger pop-ups or slide-ins after visitors have scrolled a certain percentage down a page. This ensures that only engaged visitors see the offer.

11. Use click triggers

Employ click triggers, which display an opt-in form when a visitor clicks a specific link or button. This is effective for content previews or teasers.

12. Highlight in your website’s navigation

Link to lead magnets in your website’s main navigation menu. This ensures that it’s easily accessible to visitors at any time. Putting lead magnet-hosting hubs on the menu sends potential leads in the right direction. Here’s how we do it on our website.

Turtl Navigation bar Turtl webist

13. Offer multiple formats

Provide your lead magnet in different formats (e.g., video, audio). Allow visitors to choose the format that suits them best and make sure it’s accessible on all devices, talking of which…

14. Optimize for mobile

Ensure that your lead magnet promotions are optimized for mobile devices, as a significant portion of website traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.

15. Monitor analytics

Use website analytics tools to track the performance of your promotions. Analyze metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and traffic sources to refine your strategy. Knowing these gives you an indicator of how you’re progressing towards your lead generation KPIs.


Tips for promoting your lead magnet on social media

To make your lead magnet stand out on social media, you’ll need a solid strategy. Here are some tips to turn scrollers into sign-ups.

Get creative with copy & use vibrant visuals

Craft compelling headlines that pique curiosity and emphasize the value. Use statistics, questions, or intriguing statements to capture attention. And once you’ve snagged them, make sure they keep on reading by writing engaging posts that explain what the content covers and why it’s valuable. Use persuasive language and enticing CTA buttons to encourage users to download/access it.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words – so let your visuals do a lot of the talking. Create eye-catching graphics, such as a snippet of your whitepaper cover or a visually appealing statistic from your report. Share these graphics as posts and stories on social platforms such as X (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn and Instagram.

And don’t forget about video! Develop short video clips discussing key findings or takeaways. Video is highly engaging on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Don’t forget to subtitle these if there’s speech for greater accessibility.

Making content count LinkedIn post

Talk like a thought leader

LinkedIn is the social platform to push your thought leadership lead generation content. Strategically use LinkedIn articles to weigh in on hot topics all while slipping in some masterful lead magnet promotion.

Another way to build up your reputation and boost traffic to your lead magnet is to share it in  relevant LinkedIn groups, adding value to discussions and mentioning how the resource can further enlighten group members.

Visibility is key

Use relevant industry-specific hashtags to broaden your reach. Consider even creating your own hashtag! You’ll be sharing your lead magnet over and over again on social media, so the best way to connect these threads is by developing a hashtag for it. This will also give followers an easy way to remember and find your content should they want to share it online.

Also, make sure to link out to your lead magnet from your social profiles. The text bios on each of your platforms are a great way to spotlight content.

Get down with data to track performance

If you want high lead magnet ROI, ditch the guessing game and turn to analytics. Take a look at your Google Analytics – which social channels give you your strongest leads? Invest in them with pay-per-click social ads promoting your lead magnet. It could be a game-changer.

Also, regularly monitor social media for comments, questions, and engagement. Respond promptly to user inquiries and encourage discussions around your offering.

Tips for promoting your lead magnet via email

A lot of marketers love to preach email marketing’s irrelevancy, but they’re overlooking a seriously impactful lead gen channel when they do this. Providing you know how to use it, email can hook hard-to-reach leads and file them into your funnel.

Compelling subject line

Email subject lines are marmite in nature. Recipients either love them and open your email, or they go straight to the trash. A bad first impression will not only affect your open rates but will negatively impact your conversion rate as a result. Don’t do a disservice to your hard work by rushing this stage. It’s equally - if not more - important, than the email content itself.

Your subject line should offer a sneak peek of the value the recipient will gain from the lead magnet. Inform, intrigue, entice!

Optimizing MQL email subject line

Optimizing MQL webinar email


Address the recipient by name to create a personal connection. (Everyone loves to feel loved.)

Brief introduction

Provide a concise introduction in the email body copy, that teases the lead magnet's benefits and relevance to the recipient. Don’t give the full detail away - give a reason to click through to the magnet itself.


Again, include attention-grabbing visuals, such as images or graphics related to the lead magnet, to break up text and engage readers.

Clear CTA

Ensure your email’s CTA button is clear and action-oriented e.g., "Get Your Free ebook" or "Access Now."

Value proposition

Emphasize the unique value your lead magnet offers and how it can address the recipient's specific challenges or goals.

Benefits highlight

Provide a brief list of key benefits or insights that your lead magnet will deliver.

Social proof

If available, include a short testimonial or review from someone who found value in the lead magnet. Social proof enhances credibility.

Minimal text

Keep your email concise and to the point. Don’t overwhelm readers with excessive information.

Signature and contact

Sign your email with your name and include contact information, demonstrating authenticity and accessibility.


Send your email to a segmented audience that matches your lead magnet's target audience. Tailoring your message increases relevance.

Follow-up sequence

If someone doesn't immediately engage with your email, consider setting up a follow-up sequence to gently remind them of your offer.

Mobile optimization

Ensure that your email is mobile-responsive for (the majority of) users who check their emails on smartphones and tablets.

Tracking and analysis

Monitor engagement metrics (open rates, click-through rates, conversions) to assess the effectiveness of your email promotion and make necessary adjustments.

Promote it in your company email signature

You’ll be amazed how much impact the end of your email has from a marketing perspective. Whether you’re trying to convert hot leads or communicating with current clients, it’s a great place to promote your lead magnet.

Want more expert advice on creating excellent emails? Check out this guide from our CRM Marketing Manager, Paul Fellowes:

Click to read Email Masterclass

Tips for converting more leads

The best B2B lead magnets collect high-quality, high-intent leads. They’ve been strategically designed with specific audiences in mind. How? Via the power of data.

Use intent data to attract better leads

Audience engagement data from interactive content shows you exactly who is interested in what. You can get smart with these kinds of insights. See what your best opportunities are. Start with the successful segments like SQL or closed. What did they read and interact with?

Once you have an idea of the type of content that brings the most pipeline success, use that intelligence as a basis for your lead magnets.

Headshot of Jane Robathan Content Marketing Manager Turtl

Jane Robathan

Content Marketing Manager, Turtl


Be transparent about what leads can expect, including email frequency and data handling policies. Clearly state how their data will be used and protected. People appreciate it when their privacy and data safety is respected.


Offer content when it’s most useful or relevant to the user. Once they fill out the form, follow up promptly, delivering the lead magnet and reinforcing its value at the perfect time.

Strategic ads

Get your lead magnet in front of a larger audience much more quickly with pay-per-click Google ads. Make sure to configure the targeting correctly to reach the right type of leads you’re looking for. If your website is failing to convert users on their first visit, consider promoting your lead magnet to them with retargeting ads to entice them back. A value-packed piece of content is sure to help reactivate cold leads.

Share amongst your network

Don’t forget your own network has some influence, too! You might find potential leads are more open to checking out content if it’s recommended by the people behind the brand – the CEO, a Customer Success Manager, a Data Analyst (for example). For close contacts, ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing your lead magnet (if they feel it brings value to their networks, too).

So, how does Turtl technology fit into the wonderful world of boosting lead magnet conversions?

More reads, more leads – it’s that simple. Our platform helps present your lead magnet content in the most engaging way possible. Personalized content is 84% more engaging – Turtl Analytics tracks and reveals reader intent data, which helps you segment your readers and adapt your content to ensure the most helpful, interesting content is sent their way. The more content that resonates with your readers, the higher chance they’ll take action.

Here are some examples of engaging lead magnets presented through the Turtl platform:

Turtl takeaway

If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Don’t let your lead magnet fall at the last – most crucial – hurdle. Throw that party. Send those invites. Make that sound. You can have your (birthday) cake and eat it with the right promotion strategy in place.


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