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The benefits of creating
white papers online with Turtl

Scientifically proven to:

  • Improve messaging recall
  • 5x positive brand sentiment
  • 10x reader engagement

We’ll help you:

  • Optimize content performance with data
  • 2x lead generation
  • Identify key intent signals

Quick to create

Create on-brand white papers, regardless of design expertise

Interactive features

Use interactivity to better convey complex information

Speed to market

Reduce production costs and timescales by up to 90%

Increase engagement

Produce long-form content that keeps readers’ attention

Easy to navigate

Readers can easily revisit sections to solidify knowledge

Actionable insights

Analytics reveals reader behaviors and topics of interest

Distribute with ease

Distribute across key channels to maximize reach

Capture more leads

Flexible gating options capture and centralize leads


reduction in production costs
Turtl vs PDF



more engagement with personalized content vs non-personalized in Turtl

Turtl Labs


more meetings booked
Turtl vs PDF

Telenet + LeadFabric

Examples of online white papers
created by Turtl users

See what you could make in Turtl without any specialist design or coding skills

  • Redington: The future of retirement income

    Redington: The future of retirement income

  • Morgan Sindall: Reinventing UK coastal towns

    Morgan Sindall: Reinventing UK coastal towns

  • Environmental Defense Fund: Rulers of the Arctic

    Environmental Defense Fund: Rulers of the Arctic


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white papers?

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How to create white papers online
in 5 easy steps with Turtl

Increase reader engagement by up to 10x
Elevate brand awareness and generate more leads with a digital document format that is scientifically proven to maximize reader engagement and improve positive brand sentiment by 5x.

Save up to 90% on content production time and resources
Turtl’s editor is agile and easy to use. With branded styling and templates, users can quickly and easily create a variety of interactive white papers and thought leadership materials, regardless of design skills and capabilities.

Use compelling visuals and interactive features
Include stunning imagery and interactive features, such as polls, charts, videos, and 3D tours, to create a persuasive content experience that helps nurture leads and encourages prospects further along the sales funnel.

Personalize your white papers to exemplify value
Quickly and easily personalize white papers at scale to demonstrate your understanding of your readers’ interests, challenges, and priorities, which in turn promote brand advocacy.

Monitor reader engagement and gain actionable insights
Do more of what works, identify key intent signals, and convert more leads to qualified sales prospects by delving deeper into which topics, features, or elements of your white papers are driving the most engagement.

Hear from our customers

The insights that Turtl generates is key to helping us create engaging, relevant, interesting content which can be shared with them over a prolonged period of time.

Liam McGroy Marketing Director, Willis Towers Watson

Turtl allowed us to present our information in a really engaging, interactive way which is much more appealing than our usual PDFs. It makes people want to read more, and therefore provide us with their data in order to do so.

Hannah Dennett Communications Manager, Mind

Traditionally - and this is across different industries - the way people are consuming information is moving away from long-form content, we’re moving towards more video, highlights, and consumable pieces of information. Turtl is one of the easiest ways I’ve found to be able to share, and have the same impact in terms of information delivery, without the text-heavy documents that go typically unread these days.


What is a white paper?

Commonly used to address complex issues, outline best practices, or present innovative ideas, a white paper is a comprehensive and authoritative document that presents a problem, analyzes it, and proposes a solution or recommendation.

Typically a persuasive and informative piece of content, an online white paper delves into a specific topic. White papers provide in-depth research, data, and analysis to educate readers, inform decision-making, and establish thought leadership on the subject matter.

What are the benefits of presenting white papers online?

Online white papers provide an engaging, interactive, and personalized experience for readers, leading to improved understanding, greater accessibility, and increased sharing. By including interactive and multimedia elements, organizations can encourage active reader participation, make the learning experience more enjoyable, and improve information recall

Using an interactive format also facilitates the gathering of detailed reader analytics which helps organizations to monitor content performance, identify engaged prospects, and even plan future white papers. These factors contribute to their effectiveness in educating audiences, driving engagement, and achieving organizational goals.

How can I track the impact of my online white papers?

Turtl provides detailed insights into how your content is performing. You can track the effectiveness of your online white papers and gain valuable reader data and engagement metrics at a document and reader level. 

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your white papers, measure reader engagement, identify successful sections or interactive elements, and optimize your content strategy to drive better results.

How can I use Turtl white papers as lead magnets?

From helping you understand what your audience wants to learn and flexible gating options to integrations that support event-based triggers for lead-scoring models, Turtl is primed to create content that performs across your pipeline and can be used to create successful lead magnets. 

Find out how to use Turtl to create lead magnets to generate more high-quality leads.

Why use Turtl instead of PDF for my white paper?

The PDF is over 20 years old. The PDF offers no reader interaction, is not optimized for different devices, and encourages endless scrolling, resulting in less engagement. Yet, we all know how critical mobile, insights, and content performance data are.

Content in the PDF format goes against the core principles of how we absorb and remember information, and this is to the detriment of how readers engage with these materials.

Turtl’s design is based on the science of reading and therefore solves this problem. Turtl offers its readers a far richer experience and provides its users with actionable insights, such as reads, sign-ups, and average read times, amongst other invaluable metrics.

Is Turtl mobile-friendly?

Turtl Docs are fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop.

You can even see how your online white papers transpose before you publish using the mobile view in the content editor.