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Whether you’re creating product, educational, or corporate eBooks, it can be challenging to know how to connect with your audience and how to create compelling content quickly, while maintaining brand integrity.

Turtl empowers users to quickly and easily produce visually compelling, interactive, and on-brand eBooks that are scientifically proven to increase reader engagement. Capture your audience’s attention and generate more leads, while saving up to 90% on production time and costs.



  • Psychology-led format proven to increase engagement by 10x and improve information recall
  • Drag-and-drop editor is easy to use, flexible, and intuitive whilst ensuring design and brand control
  • Include compelling data visualizations with interactive features, such as polls, videos, 3D tours, infographics, and charts/graphs
  • Optimize data capture with lead forms that can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of your eBooks
Creation Studio


  • Produce personalized digital eBooks at scale quickly and easily to make your content relevant to your audience
  • Publish and share through a range of channels in just a few clicks and use Turtl’s popular flippy GIF to increase click-through-rates by 357%
  • Responsive to all device types to accommodate your audience’s preferred way to receive and access your eBook online
Publishing & distribution


  • Gather data at a granular level so you can track and measure how your content is performing, assess ROI, and determine attribution
  • Identify topics of interest, high performing pages, or compelling CTAs to inform the content of future eBooks
  • Seamlessly integrate Turtl with your existing tech stack to capture, attribute, and follow up with sales-ready leads
Analytics dashboard

Interactive eBook examples created by Turtl users

See what you could make in Turtl without any specialist design or coding skills:

  • IDG: The CIOs Guide to Developing a Living Enterprise

    IDG: The CIOs Guide to Developing a Living Enterprise

  • MailManager: Unifying your Information

    MailManager: Unifying your Information

  • KANTAR: Dining out at Home

    KANTAR: Dining out at Home


How to create best-in-class digital eBooks

Cut through the noise and capture the attention of your audience with immersive, interactive eBooks – here’s how:

Choose a topic of interest
Interactive eBooks should be a deep dive into subject matters that resonate with your target audience to generate more leads through forms or gating. Use existing data (e.g. high performing pieces of content) or content performance analytics to aid the decision-making process.
Brain-friendly content
When choosing how to present your information, consider a format that helps readers to easily understand and navigate through your digital eBooks in a way that suits them. Turtl’s psychology-led format is brain friendly, highly visual, and interactive, and is scientifically proven to increase reader engagement by 10x.
Design your eBook
Branded templates specifically for eBooks designs can help to maintain consistency, reduce production timescales, and alleviate design bottlenecks. With Turtl, you can hardcode your stylistic guidelines into your themes and eBooks to uphold brand integrity, regardless of the design skills of the ebook creator.
Incorporate immersive visuals
Studies have shown that written information paired with relevant visuals is more memorable, persuasive, and easily understood. Turtl’s Creation Studio includes a variety of interactive features, such as polls, charts and graphs, videos, and 3D tours, to empower data visualization for better interactive ebook examples.
Customize it
Personalized content generates 43% more engagement than non-personalized content. Turtl’s Personalization Engine makes it quick and easy to personalize at scale, making your eBooks more relevant to your target audience.
Share and track
Share your eBook through your preferred channels in a matter of clicks and then monitor engagement to uncover deep reader insights. Turtl’s Analytics Engine gathers content performance data at a granular level, so you can continue to evolve your eBooks offering.

How Turtl has delivered value for
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Telenet + LeadFabric + Turtl

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Informa Connect + Turtl

Informa Connect + Turtl

How Informa Connect pivoted from physical events to sponsored content, securing more than $55,000 from topic-based interactive eBooks

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