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The benefits of switching to
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Scientifically proven to:

  • Improve messaging recall
  • 5x positive brand sentiment
  • 10x reader engagement

We’ll help you:

  • Optimize content performance with data
  • Personalize content at scale
  • Capture more leads

Explore some of the types of guides you can create in Turtl

Product guides

Product guides provide information, instructions, and guidance on a specific product. Product guides typically encompass details about the product’s features, functionalities, setup, usage, and any other relevant information. As a comprehensive resource for users, it’s important that these guides contain the necessary information users need to maximize their experience of a product.

Turtl Tip: Use interactive 3D tours to showcase your product and “wow” your audience!

Educational guides

An educational guide is a resource or instructional material designed to assist learners in understanding and mastering a particular subject or topic. It provides information, explanations, examples, and instructions to facilitate learning and help individuals acquire knowledge or skills.

Turtl Tip: Include polls in your educational guides to uncover your reader’s level of understanding on a particular topic.

User guides

A user guide is a type of instructional document or manual that provides information and instructions on how to use a particular product, software, system, or service. It is designed to assist users in understanding the features, functionalities, and operation of the product or service.

Turtl Tip: Add videos to your user guides to help readers understand complex information or instructions. 

Training guides

A training guide is a resource or instructional material designed to facilitate the learning and development of individuals in a specific subject or skill. It provides guidance, instructions, and information to help learners acquire knowledge, improve their abilities, or develop new skills.

Turtl Tip: Turtl’s Surf and Immerse format allows readers to easily navigate your training guide and find the section that is most relevant to them, without having to scroll through an entire wall of content.


increase in MQLs using
Turtl vs PDF



production cost savings with
Turtl vs PDF



more engagement with key CTA in
Turtl vs PDF


Turtl’s top features for interactive guides

Quick to create

Drag-and-drop editor and templates accelerate production.

Liven up

10x engagement

Turtl’s proven psychology-led format engages readers.

Best practice

Interactive features

Improve reader recall with rich visuals and dynamic features.

Better, faster, cheaper

Powerful integrations

 Capture, track, and centralize every opportunity.

Product easy editing

Real-time editing

Say goodbye to erroneous or out-of-date content – instantly.


Actionable insights

Track engagement and act on reader intent promptly.

Better relationships

Personalize at scale

Serve personalized content to increase engagement by 84%.

Attract talent

Always on-brand

Maintain brand integrity for every guide edition.

Examples of interactive guide designs

See what you could make in Turtl without design or coding skills

  • Princess Yachts: V Class (USA)

    Princess Yachts: V Class (USA)

  • System1: 5 Plays to Score a 5-star Super Bowl Ad

    System1: 5 Plays to Score a 5-star Super Bowl Ad

  • BrightGen: MarTech Guide

    BrightGen: MarTech Guide


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Increase reader engagement by up to 10x
Turtl’s digital-first format is the only brain-friendly content platform that is scientifically proven to maximize reader engagement. Turtl Docs are also proven to improve information recall, so you can make a lasting impression on your target audience.


Save up to 90% on content production time and resources
Turtl’s editor is agile and easy to use. With branded styling and templates, users can quickly and easily create a variety of guides and manuals, regardless of design skills and capabilities.


Use interactive features to breathe life into your guides
Creating digital guides with interactive elements, such as deep dive videos, charts and graphs, or even a 3D product tour, help your target audience learn in a style that suits them. Plus, interactivity encourages a two-way interaction between reader and content creator.


Edit documents in real-time
Updated product feature? New training module? Fresh imagery? No need to go through the laborious process of redoing, re-printing, or redistributing your materials. Turtl enables users to update guides and manuals instantaneously. 


Close more business with actionable insights
Monitor engagement with your digital guides to tailor your outreach, inform lead scoring, refine messaging, and improve sales prioritization. Use key intent signals to deliver relevant materials to sales-ready prospects, book more meetings, and close more business.

Hear from our customers

A large goal of the work we produce, like guides, is to turn prospects into customers. We have actually had a lot of success with content libraries of infographics and webinar recordings within Turtl Docs. So we certainly lean on Turtl for our content to have a longer shelf life.

Kathy Nothnagel Content Manager, Community Brands

Turtl just gives us another way of being able to capture what customers find engaging beyond how they’re using the website or in conversation. You can actually see where they spend time and it’s a lot more granular. It’s another way to measure and improve how we communicate externally.

Travis Jaggers Digital Marketing Leader, Veeva Systems

The insight we gain from Turtl from a data perspective is much richer than what we had from a simple PDF, it allows us to make more informed decisions about our content and what we’re sending to our clients.


What is a digital guide?

A digital guide is a form of instructional or informational material that is presented in a digital format, typically accessible through electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Digital guides provide users with guidance, instructions, or information on a particular subject or topic.

What is the purpose of a digital guide?

The purpose of an online guide is to provide information, instructions, or assistance to users in a digital or online format.

Digital guides cater to a myriad of content needs, from providing information to prospects on products and services and supporting customer onboarding to training and policy documentation.


Are interactive guides effective?

Interactive guides can be highly effective in engaging users and enhancing their learning or user experience.

By including dynamic features, such as polls, videos, and interactive charts, digital guides encourage active participation from readers which deepens engagement and supports information retention.

Plus, it’s easy to create personalized content with Turtl’s Personalization Engine. Your audience can enjoy content that has been tailored to their needs, interests, and even previous engagement behavior. Not only does this win 84% more attention, but personalizing your guides promotes brand advocacy.

Do I need to be a designer, or coder, to create digital guides in Turtl?

Nope! Turtl is a performance-led content tool. Our intuitive editor has been designed to empower everybody to create amazing interactive guides; no design or coding skills needed.

Do I need to have any training to be able to use Turtl?

Turtl is packed full of functionality, so we recommend you complete our Training Programme to get the most out of it.

The Training Programme is made up of modules to bring you up to speed on the basics of Turtl before getting you creating, publishing, and analyzing your online guides like a pro in no time. You have the option to watch on-demand videos in your own time.

Once you get stuck in, our Support team will also be there to answer any questions you may have!

Why use Turtl instead of PDF for my digital guide?

The PDF is over 20 years old. The PDF offers no reader interaction, is not optimized for different devices, and encourages endless scrolling, resulting in less engagement.

Content in the PDF format goes against the core principles of how we absorb and remember information, and this is to the detriment of how readers engage with these materials.

As an alternative to the PDF, Turtl’s design is based on the science of reading and therefore solves this problem. Turtl offers its readers a far richer experience and provides its users with actionable insights, such as reads, sign-ups, and average read times, amongst other invaluable metrics.

Is Turtl mobile-friendly?

Turtl Docs are fully responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop.

You can even see how your digital guides transpose before you publish using the mobile view in the content Creation Studio.

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