Why create digital thought leadership?

Want to improve personal brand sentiment by 5x and content engagement by 84%? You need to publish in Turtl.

Capture and hold attention, invite discussion with real-time interactions, and gate wherever and however you want to. Improve lead generation using data from Turtl Analytics and dive further into popular themes.

Turtl AI benchmarks and prompts better content performance, so you always create thought leadership that lands well.


reader engagement


positive brand sentiment


lead generation

Interactive features

Foster real-time interactions and deepen engagement

Speed to market

Reduce production costs and timescales by up to 90%

Increase engagement

Proven to outperform webpages and PDF

Easy to navigate

Readers can explore content and revisit specific chapters

Actionable insights

Turtl Analytics reveal reader behaviors and topics of interest

Distribute with ease

Share across key channels to maximize reach

Capture more leads

Flexible gating options capture and centralize leads

On-brand always

Easily create cohesive thought leadership

Why use Turtl?

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reduction in production costs Turtl vs PDF

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increase in global lead generation

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subscribers using Turtl vs PDF

Create stand-out thought
leadership content

See what your content can do - convert one of your existing PDFs to a Turtl Doc.

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How to create thought leadership Docs in 6 steps


Lock down your branding

Create your custom brand theme using your style guidelines – from colors to fonts to flourishes – to create perfectly branded thought leadership content.


Time to start creating

Jump into the editor. Start from scratch, use a template, or upload an existing thought leadership PDF to get started.


Make it interactive

Dynamic polls, charts, and video encourage connection with the content experience, keeping your audience engaged for longer. Add an optional (or compulsory!) form to your Doc to capture leads and keep tabs on reader behaviors.


Share your thought leadership content

Hit ‘publish’, choose a URL, tweak privacy settings, and share your thought leadership content across channels. Customers use Turtl’s flippy GIF to boost click-through rates.


Track engagement and iterate

Do more of what works. Identify key intent signals and convert more reads to leads. Delve deeper into which topics, features, or elements of your thought leadership content drive the most engagement.


Generate and nurture leads

Maximize value by using thought leadership content for lead capture campaigns. Trigger events from Turtl and improve lead scoring models, automate content journeys for lead nurture programs and use Turtl Analytics to direct future thought leadership.

Hear from our customers

With the results we’ve seen from our flagship paper, we’ll be looking to adopt Turtl for all our reports in the future.

Benjamin Cawthray

Global Thought Leadership Director, Kantar Worldpanel Division

The insights that Turtl generates is key to helping us create engaging, relevant, interesting content which can be shared with readers over a prolonged period of time.

Turtl allowed us to present our information in a really engaging, interactive way which is much more appealing than our usual PDFs. It makes people want to read more, and therefore provide us with their data in order to do so.

Hannah Dennett

Communications Manager, Mind

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