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Show off in style. Credit case studies with multimedia and tempt contacts to interact.

Engaging video testimonials are honest client representations – be sure to add them to your content. Build 3D tours, audio, and images into a format designed for storytelling.

Discover exactly who finds it interesting and what they’re interested in to tailor follow-up.


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Create sleek case studies, regardless of design expertise

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Use interactivity to tell your customer’s success story

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Reduce production costs and timescales by up to 90%

Increase engagement

Proven to outperform webpages and PDFs

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Maintain brand integrity with customized themes

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Readers navigate your case studies naturally

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Identify high-intent opportunities for effective follow-up

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How to create compelling interactive case studies


Customize your branding

Create a positive brand experience with remarkable online case studies that stay within style guidelines.


Start building

Use Turtl’s drag-and-drop editor to intuitively craft your customer’s success story. Add interactive polls and animated GIFs to capture attention for longer and improve memory recall. If you need inspiration, use our data-backed design templates to get started.


Add deeply authentic testimonials

Embed interactive video testimonials and amplify trust. There’s nothing as compelling as watching customers speak highly of you.


It’s time to optimize

Compare your case study to content shared by teams in your company, or across your industry. Use Turtl’s benchmarks and data-driven recommendations to augment your Doc and improve performance.


Distribute your case study with ease

Hit ‘publish‘, choose a URL, tweak privacy settings, then share cross channels, email and embed on your website. Boost click-through rates and shares using Turtl’s animated Flippy GIF.


Track engagement

Use Turtl Analytics to measure your case study’s performance, uncover popular sections and features, identify high-intent prospects and accelerate sales cycles.

Hear from our customers

It works really well for our client testimonials, case studies, product information - there are just so many ways to utilise the different features within Turtl to apply it to whatever marketing collateral we need.

JeeYoung Wenglikowski

Senior Global Marketing Manager, KellyOCG

Turtl allowed us to present our information in a really engaging, interactive way which is much more appealing than our usual PDFs. It makes people want to read more, and therefore provide us with their data in order to do so.

Hannah Dennett

Communications Manager, Mind

Turtl wins hands down. And it’s not just PDF. It’s PPT too. These are old tech and Turtl is a much better way of doing things. It’s more engaging both to read and create. It saves costs and the analytics are invaluable.

Gareth Case

Chief Marketing Officer, Redstor

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What is a B2B case study?

A B2B case study (sometimes also referred to as a customer success story) is a resource that showcases a real-world example of how a product, service, or solution provided by one business has successfully addressed a specific challenge or need for another business.

Case studies serve as powerful tools for building credibility and showcasing expertise. Well-crafted case studies are also effective at evidencing a business’ track record of success and delivering tangible results in a narrative that is relatable to prospects.

What should I include in a case study?

Case studies are a great opportunity to position your company as a trusted leader that delivers solutions and results for its customers.

Case studies should follow a clear structure, outlining the main challenges as well as the solutions to the issues highlighted. Including a clear introduction that offers some context to the narrative can help frame the journey and the value proposition.

By sourcing quotes and (video!) testimonials from your customers, you can add credibility and make the case study more relatable to your target audience.

Make sure to round off your case study with a conclusion or summary that ties your content together and highlights the key takeaways you want to communicate.

How can I track the impact of my interactive case studies?

Turtl Analytics gathers reader data and engagement metrics at a document and reader level. Using these insights, you can identify which sections of your content are proving popular and where some editing may be required.

You can also use the data to understand sections where key calls-to-action would be best placed to drive up conversions. And, by connecting Turtl to your CRM, you could use reader behavior to aid with lead scoring and identifying high-intent opportunities for effective follow-up.

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