Plastic Free July sees Turtl partner with Ocean Generation

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30th June 2021
Author: Kate Terry
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London/Boston – Turtl is the enterprising content automation platform. Ocean Generation is the global charity addressing Ocean threats through science and storytelling. Today, they have announced a partnership for Plastic Free July, launching a campaign that uses content to reduce Ocean plastic.

Plastic Free July is an initiative to reduce plastic waste. It has inspired an estimated 326 million people in 177 countries to make small behavior changes and reduce their plastic footprint.

With this partnership, Turtl and Ocean Generation aim to raise awareness of Ocean plastic pollution. Providing useful and practical information, the partnership aims to ultimately reduce the amount of plastic entering our Ocean.

Firstly, the campaign centers around educational content published in Turtl’s unique digital format. In addition, the content is rooted in the psychology of engagement and designed to maximize reader attention. The content provides practical actions that readers can take to reduce their own plastic use.

To further increase awareness, Turtl will match donations to content shares throughout the month.

Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl said “From the beginning, Turtl has been on a mission to give communicators the most engaging and persuasive way to share their message. We are particularly proud when our technology can be used to help people understand and act on important issues like this one.”

Since 2009, Ocean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans UK) has been turning Ocean science into practical and understandable tools and leveraging storytelling to create lasting change. They have used Turtl across their communications to increase their output, reach, and impact.

“We’re better at saving turtles because of Turtl,” said Christian Brighty, Creative Campaigns Officer at Ocean Generation.

Find out more about Plastic Free July and how you can participate by reading the guide.

plastic free july - person on beach looking into ocean, turtle in water swimming below

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