Introducing Immerse page templates

At Turtl, we recognize the pressures that many teams face as a result of limited resources and tight deadlines. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to create knock-out content, regardless of your design skills and experience.

A little while back, we released new and improved Turtl templates to speed up content production while keeping branding locked down. And the feedback was overwhelmingly positive; our content creation templates help Turtl customers get great content out the door faster and give them precious resources back.

Now, we’ve gone one step further and we’re so excited to announce the arrival of Immerse page templates!

Getting started with Immerse templates

You can choose from numerous templates to help build the content in your Immerse pages. These ready-made designs are there to help you feel inspired and to get you building amazing-looking content faster!

All you have to do is jump into the Immerse page editor, hover over the immerse outline bar, and click the ‘+’ button. Here, a pop-up will appear containing a variety of great examples from our very own content team.

Fancy freestyling? Not a problem. You can choose a blank template if you already have a vision for your content.

To find out more about templates in Turtl, check out these handy support articles for Creating a Template and Using a Template.

What does this mean for you? 🫵

  • Plenty of inspiration to get you started 🤩
  • Content creation is quicker and easier than ever 🏎

Continually innovating the Turtl experience

Turtl is always looking to adapt. We’re committed to continually improving our product to provide an outstanding creation experience for all our users.

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