Creating high-performance Docs just got even easier

We’ve updated Turtl’s editor with a series of functionality improvements to make the creation and editing of Turtl Docs more efficient, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Plus, we’re always looking to lay the groundwork to continue building better features in the future. 

A great number of these changes were made in response to user feedback and as part of our constant journey to improve the usability of Turtl’s Immerse Editor.

But, we also have a fantastic team that works hard to preempt what our users might need and how to improve their Turtl experience. With this in mind, some of the changes made to the editor are a result of the Turtl team identifying key areas where users struggle when creating their Docs.

So, what’s new?


Introducing a ‘Media Library’ and ‘Upload History’ 

You asked, we answered!

It’s Upload History repeating itself ♻️

Want to use that one particular image again, but can’t seem to remember the file name? Fret no more, with Turtl’s Upload History, you’ll be able to quickly and easily source images that you’ve previously uploaded to a Turtl Doc.

One for the Media Library 📚

If you’re tired of your users including imagery that doesn’t quite land on brand, then our new Media Library might just be your new favorite addition. Here you can upload approved, on-brand imagery for use in your all Turtl Docs by all users!


Improvements to formatting your Turtl Doc layout 

Being your guiding light (or lines) 

When you click on the button to show grid lines (top right, near the mobile view button), it now includes column lines as well as rows. This is to make it super easy to see where your content can fit onto the page, or where some reconfiguring might need to happen. These grid lines also appear automatically when resizing or dragging widgets, so you can see your placement options more clearly!


Immerse yourself in these columns 📰

Realized you might need more columns than you originally thought? Well, there’s no need to head back to the Doc Editor. You can now change the number of columns for your immerse content and the style (white or deep pages) from within the Immerse Editor. You can find the dropdowns under the preview on the right.


Let’s revisit the widget

Easy to find widget settings 

Previously, you had to right-click on a widget in the Doc preview in order to access its settings. Now, when you hover your cursor over a widget, you will see 3 dots […] appear next to the pin icon in the top right-hand corner of said widget. If you click on these 3 little dots, you’ll open up those same options (settings, crop, replace image, etc.), making it super easy to find if you’re a new user in Turtl, or if you’re simply not a fan of right-clicking.

..and easy-to-find widgets

But wait, there’s more! Ever find yourself scrolling in the Editor to find that one specific widget in the Doc preview or vice versa? Well, widget hunt no more. We’ve now added an option to all widgets that allows a user to “Focus in preview” or “Focus in editor”. By selecting this button, you will be taken directly to the content you need.

The pinning page portal

And finally, if you’re thinking that your fab new widget might look better on page 4, rather than page 2, you can achieve this by selecting those 3 little dots we mentioned earlier in the Doc preview. Once you’ve chosen the page, you’ll be transported immediately to the relevant page in the Immerse section, so you can play about with the new and improved positioning of your widget.

Other updates to Turtl widgets

Upload your videos directly 📹

If you have a stellar video (mp4) you want to include in your Turtl Docs, you can now do so without having to embed the video via YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard, etc. That’s right, you can now upload your cinematic marvels directly into your Docs, and these will be stored in your Media Library and Upload History so you can easily find them again.

Drawing your tables has never been easier 

Including tables in your Turtl Docs just got a whole lot slicker. The latest update allows users to utilize a row/column picker and, effectively, draw out the required table size. No need to individually input the number of rows and columns!

Welcoming to the stage: ‘Text box’

Oh, and the fan-favorite ‘Feature Box’ has changed its name to ‘Text Box’. Makes more sense, right?

Plus, why not try out the new strikethrough text button?

Continually innovating the Turtl experience

Turtl is always looking to adapt. We’re committed to continually improving our product to provide an outstanding creation experience for all our users.

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