We've updated User Roles

Turtl has now introduced separate Tenant permissions and Workspace Roles! 

We have had requests from customers who need team members at their organization to have access to Turtl to set up one specific part of the Tenant, such as the branding or integrations.

With the latest update to permissions, you can now add those users and know they only have access to the specific functionality they need to use at a Tenant level, as well as in individual Workspaces.

Picking the perfect permissions

So, what’s new?

When adding a new user, you now have to select whether they are using a Full or Limited User license. This will determine which ‘Additional Permissions’ and ‘Roles’ can be chosen.

There are then three ‘Additional Permissions’ that can be selected to give the users access to manage specific areas of the Tenant:

  • 👔 Admin – manages account settings, users, branding, integrations, and Workspaces.
  • 🎨 Brand Manager – manages only templates and brand themes.
  • ⚙️ Integrations Manager – manages only integrations.

The user then selects a Workspace role as normal.

(There is still the option to have a Global Admin role, if a user needs access to everything. Speak to your Customer Success Manager about assigning Global Admin roles.)

The renaming of roles  🗂

We have also updated the names of a couple of our Workspace roles to more accurately reflect their function:

  • The Workspace Admin role is now named ‘Owner’
  • Commenter is now named ‘Reviewer’
  • Viewer is now named ‘Analyst’

Check out this help center article for all of the information on Roles and Permissions.

Continually innovating the Turtl experience

Turtl is always looking to adapt. We’re committed to continually improving our product to provide an outstanding creation experience for all our users.

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